The controversial LIV Golf


Many people remember the total failure that was the European Super League of football. Once it was announced, the main regulatory bodies of the sport, like UEFA or FIFA immediately threatened serious punishments to the participants. The best football wagers can be made on the website 1xBet – top sports betting sites Pakistan are completely available.

There is a similar situation with golf. In 2021, there was a brand new golf competition that promised to gather the best performers of this sport. Known as LIV Golf, it is financed by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. The backers of the competition decided to hire golf legend Greg Norman to serve as CEO and main promoter of the instance. The top sports betting sites in Pakistan, which are the 1xBet ones, can be used for wagering on the best sports competitions, including LIV Golf. sportsman biography Know More About Favorite Athlete. chicks info Recent Viral Information Here

Setting up the tournament

Establishing a parallel golf competition to the PGA is not a new idea. There have been many attempts to do so in recent decades. However, no one reached the stages of actually being played like LIV Golf. The intentions to establish this brand new competition were announced in 2019. You can watch now 1xBet live streaming and enjoy the best golf championships from the entire world.

At first, the name of this competition would be the Premier Golf League. Other names that were considered were Super Golf League. However, after securing funds from Saudi Arabia, the new name was settled: LIV Golf. They immediately hired golf heavyweight Greg Norman to be the CEO of the tournament. Punters can watch the 1xBet live streamings now, and take advantage of its signals available for all kinds of devices.

Participants and threats

Just like the case with FIFA, UEFA and the Football Super League, the PGA also threatened serious punishments to the participants of LIV Golf. The former was quite direct about it. Those who decided to take part in this brand new entity would be immediately expelled from participating in any other championships organized by the PGA. Punters can visit in order to wager on all kinds of golf events across the entire world.

However, this didn’t seem to discourage many golfers from joining this new instance. There are many names who decided to switch allegiances, including:

  • Phil Mickelson;
  • Bubba Watson;
  • and Sergio García.

In fact, the full roster of LIV Golf is quite impressive. For this reason, the PGA was forced to take new measures in order to prevent more golfers from leaving them. Probably the most notable one was an increase in the prizes that golfers would obtain by participating in their instances. Users of smartphones and tablets can wager on golf events through the 1xBet mobile site.

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