Zeptagram Empowers Musicians


Zeptagram is an online platform accessible on the web, android, and ios devices. Music publishers will be able to get investments in publishing rights efficiently with zeptagram. It is a platform created by music publishers and for the music publishers. The music tokens can be traded on the platform. Participants from across the globe can buy and sell music as per their interests. Music lovers can buy the music and hear their favorite albums, and become stakeholders of the music. Individuals can Buy Music Royalty Rights Online and support music creators.

Tokenized music rights

Zeptagram is an innovative platform where music creators, music lovers, and music traders will participate. The interests of all the participants will be fulfilled on the website. The music assets are tokenized, and they will be distributed through encrypted technology. The blockchain technology is the advanced technology by which all kinds of duplications can be avoided. The music rights are transferred quickly, transparently from one person to another person on zeptagram.

Fair compensation

Singers and musicians will be able to get fair compensation by utilizing the zeptagram platform. It is possible to exercise creative control by musicians. Musicians will be able to monetize their work by selling a fractional stake in a concerto, and they can retain the majority stake. The precision control on music rights can be exercised with advanced blockchain technology.

Culmination of experts in three domains

Music stock can be traded on zeptagram without conflict as experts in three different domains develop the platform. The experts in music, finance, and technology have developed the platform, zeptagram. Zeptagram’s co-founders, Christina Löwenström and Johan Forsman Löwenström, are committed to providing a transparent and conflict-free music trading system, and it has been recognized as technology innovation as well. With the advent of music exchange, the benefits can be enjoyed by artists, music fans, and music traders.


Artists can also get crowdfunding by registering on zeptagram and actively utilizing the platform. The registration on the online platform is open for anyone, and it can be confirmed by providing an identity card issued by the local government. The music artists can share royalties with other rights holders. These are possible with the smart contracts made on the platform. The ZeptaCoin is the native token generated on the zeptagram website. The coins are generated by using the public Telos blockchain.

Attractive for music investors

The online platform is helpful for music lovers and non-music investors alike. and they can buy tokenized IP rights on music also. As the music creates value, it will be shared by both the creators and music lovers. By attracting big names in the industry, the music exchange’s popularity will increase in the coming months. What is not supported by the music industry’s current auctioning rights mechanism is made possible with the launch of zeptagram. In the current system, there can be a great mess when rights are exchanged. The music creators will be enjoying a fair share of their revenue with the effective utilization of zeptagram.

Zeptagram will attract new participants with the addition of new features in the coming months. Music traders can invest in music royalties, and they can make profits when the music creates value.

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