Your Guide to the Capricorn Sign


Capricorn are known for being ambitious enterprisers. But the personality of the tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac goes much deeper than just their desire to achieve. Understanding the characteristics and habits of Capricorn will help you tune in with yourself or any Capricorn in your life.

Show Off Your Smarts!

Capricorn are born between December 22 and January 19, meaning this earth sign symbolized by a sea-goat is ruled by the planet Saturn. The personality traits of a Capricorn are often marked by their drive and sense of determination. These natural-born leaders are highly focused and intellectual.

Capricorn excel in whatever they decide to do. They take their studies seriously, and because of it, are well-read and able to overcome challenges that may prove too difficult for others. The goat sign is incredibly organized, making Capricorn attentive planners with a shrewd eye for detail.

How Capricorn Operate Daily

Because Capricorn traits are marked by ambition and structure, their daily habits tend to be routine and planned. Ruled by Saturn, serious and stoic, Capricorn live responsibly. This sign loves making lists and crossing off items. They likely stick to a schedule and plan well in advance for events.

Capricorn can seem aloof and distant to those who don’t know them well. But once you get close to a Capricorn, you’ll see that they take their emotions as seriously as their goals. They only share their vulnerabilities with those whom they can trust.

At times, Capricorn’s perfectionism goes too far. The tenth sign has trouble accepting that some things in life are out of their control. Capricorn will dominate projects in both their professional and personal lives, often at the expense of their energy and time. They want things done the right way and will take over to achieve perfection.

The Year Ahead for Capricorn

The Capricorn yearly horoscope shows that Capricorn need to focus on building a secure world around themselves. As Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn continues to move through Aquarius, the house of core values, money and security, this year is about stability and structure. That may look like financial security in the form of ambitious career goals. Or it means Capricorn need to examine the areas of their life that are underdeveloped, making an effort to become more well-rounded.

2022 is also Capricorn’s year of embracing all things new. With Pluto in Capricorn’s first house of self, this year will be one great transformation. Embrace the uncomfortableness of change and know that from this time of growth will come something great.

Jupiter in Capricorn’s third house of Pisces and communication means Capricorn should focus on sharing their ideas. Capricorn have an opportunity this year to enrich the lives of those around them with their wisdom.

Capricorn have great potential in 2022 and beyond. Knowing what drives the goat sign and learning about the desires underlying their ambition will help Capricorn connect with themselves and others. Get in touch with a psychic to see what is in store for the Capricorn and reach a deeper understanding of the tenth sign.

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