Would men watch soccer or rather play Online Bingo at Bongos? 


At one time, bingo was a game that was stereotypically played by women, especially in the UK and Europe where it’s been a popular past-time for decades, both in online bingo halls as well as in online bingo sites and casinos such as Umbingo.

However, since bingo can now be played online it’s becoming increasingly popular and appealing to players who had never even considered playing the game previously, such as many men and young adults. The rush of adrenaline and fun of the game is encouraging more players to join in the bingo buzz as well as enjoying the social element of bingo. 

Is bingo now more popular than watching football? 

If you’re a footy fan, it might surprise you than the number of bingo players has now overtaken the number of people playing some of the UK’s most popular sports, including tennis and football. One reason bingo has overtaken sports in popularity is that bingo can be played online via your mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop and online bingo players skyrocket especially in the winter months, peaking in December which is known as the “Bingo Season” because bingo sites see a rise in almost 50% in the number of players compared to other months of the year. It’s easy to see why, why would players want to venture out to play a sport in the cold when they can enjoy playing bingo with their mates all from the comfort of their own homes? Plus, many players play bingo via their phone while they’re watching TV – including football – so it doesn’t have to be one or the other! 

What is Bongo’s Bingo? 

If you haven’t heard of Bongo’s Bingo already, you soon will, as the hit mix of everyone’s favourite game, music and dancing is taking the UK by storming, with multiple venues popping up in multiple cities in the UK as well as other bingo-loving countries. There are actually almost 50 Bongo’s Bingo venues around the globe, so there a plenty of places to enjoy the bingo extravaganza events. 

But if you have visions of a typical old-fashioned bingo hall, think again, as Bongo’s Bingo couldn’t be any more different – it has all of the excitement, energy and entertainment as a night out with all of the best bits from bingo. Players who are up for a laugh with their mates as well as being in with a chance of winning big prizes will love Bongo’s Bingo and it has the atmosphere and roaring crowd to rival a football game! Bongo’s Bingo is for everyone and certainly not just for females, with plenty of men opting for a game of Bongo’s Bingo instead of watching a game of footy! 

Players can now enjoy Bongos Bingo remotely too – so you don’t need to venture out of your home to enjoy the buzz Bongo’s Bingo offers via a live stream. Plus, players can now take part in Bongo’s Bingo safely despite the current global pandemic, in the UK’s biggest socially distanced outdoor venue in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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