Wondering which tools to use to transform into a better recruiter?


Technology helps upgrade our work. This is true for all industries. In recruitment, tech tools that are fundamental to a smarter working include recruitment software and skills testing software.

If you’re a recruiter who is eager to improve their work and get quality results, it is important to begin by having a good understanding of the challenges you are facing regularly. This makes it easy to find the solutions you need and then the steps you need to take next.

Benefitting from recruitment software

Modern recruiting consists of having a good recruitment agency software to support the workflow and influence better results. Without the inclusion of this software, it can be extremely challenging for recruiters to operate efficiently.

Once recruiters start using CRM software in their daily work, the transformation is clear for anyone to see. It starts with providing a platform that allows easy storage of data while also making access to information more efficient and minimising the risk of losing documents.

Recruitment agencies have the option to go with cloud-based recruitment software. In this climate where remote working and digital recruitment has become commonplace, cloud-based software solutions are must-haves to function effectively. This allows recruiters to work from home just as efficiently as they did back in their offices. Team collaboration and communication is as strong as ever with this type of recruitment software.

Automation is one of the biggest advantages and changes brought about by recruitment CRM. Administrative tasks take over a recruiter’s day. Various activities have to be accomplished daily and these are repetitive. They are also quite time-consuming. For instance, CV parsing and branding have to be done quite often. These take a considerable amount of time, sometimes days.

The CRM’s automation feature enables work to progress faster. Now recruiters can parse applicant CVs in a few minutes and find the best candidates swiftly. This saves a huge chunk of time which they can instead devote to networking and nurturing relationships with candidates and clients.

Recruitment is more often than not hectic with recruiters busy handling various candidates. While it can be easy to overlook candidate experience, it is not advised to downplay how vital this is in the recruitment experience. A positive review from candidates has a substantial weight. It can boost recruiter and agency brand reputation. Therefore, communication is crucial to ensure that candidates are aware of what is happening in the hiring process. And agencies must invest in a robust recruitment software system to strengthen and simplify communication streams.

Uses of candidate skills testing software

Skills testing has become quite the norm. It is useful when finding candidates for a variety of job roles. So now smart recruitment agencies are shifting to online skill testing software to make sure that hiring companies get the best-qualified and well-suited candidates.

There are countless types of skills assessment tools in the market. But recruiters must make sure that they are using one that offers a variety of tests that are made by professionals and one that provides a comprehensive test result once the candidates complete the test.

The most popular tests are Literacy and Numeracy skills tests. Recruiters can use these to assess candidates for any type of role. MS Office skills tests are suitable for office and admin roles. Other popular tests are Psychometric, Accounting and Data entry.

Good skills testing software will provide different difficulty levels for each type of test. Recruiters can choose to send either a Basic skills test or an Intermediate or Advanced one according to the role and quality of the candidate needed. These tests last from 5 to 60 minutes.

Skills assessment comprises standard questions. It is a great way to test candidates’ abilities with a set of common and relevant questions. Recruiters will get the results in their inbox once the candidate is finished with the assessment.

With online skills testing, everything is more convenient as everything can be arranged and executed online. It saves time and is very efficient for everyone. Just choose the test carefully and inform yourself about them. Check their reviews and the ratings of the tests you may use.

Important points to remember

  1. Leverage recruitment software and skills testing software for better recruiting.
  2. Use cloud-based recruitment CRM.Opt for online skills testing software.
  3. Make sure the skills assessment software you use integrates with your recruitment agency software.
  4. Choose these software systems carefully. Just because something is popular does not mean it is a great fit for you.
  5. Take advantage of free demos to get a better understanding of the products.

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