Wine Infused Tea Varieties Wine Lovers Will Simply Adore


If you’re a lover of wine, you’ll know about how each bottle has its own unique characteristics, from light and crispy to dark and full-bodied. Now, obviously, you can’t drink wine all day long, or you’d never get anything done. However, what you can do is enjoy the taste without the intoxicating effects by trying out some of the amazing wine infused tea varieties on the market.

That’s what we examine here, as we offer up five of the most popular teas of this kind for your delectation. So, if you’re ready for some tasty, wine-related beverage action – keep reading on! 

  • Pinot Noir Red Tea

The first of our wine infused tea options is pinot noir red tea which certainly lends a certain sophistication to any event it’s served at. Offering a fruity taste reminiscent of the flavors of the coast of California, this red-tinted drink is one that will leave you coming back for more. The good news is that no matter how many times you do go back, it’s 100% alcohol-free!

  • Riesling & Sencha Tea

Our next selection is Riesling & Sencha, which combines the flavors of the orient with those of Central Europe (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) for a drink that is lively on the palette. Offering a delightful sweetness derived from spring grass and dashi, it’s another tea that will have your taste buds telling you to drink more and more of the stuff!

  • Oolong & Chenin Blanc 

Harnessing the unique tones and aromas of white wine, this wonderful wine infused tea has its roots in the Loire Valley in France. When sipping it, it will bring orchards and summertime to mind, with white flowers, honey and tangerines all providing their own part in the overall flavor. You might also notice a few notes of aged wood to adjust for the slightly astringent taste you get from Chenin wine.

  • Lapsang Souchong & Syrah 

This time moving to another rich part of France in terms of wine production, as we look at Syrah & Lapsang Souchong tea. The Rhone Valley is the home of the Syrah grape and when combined with this tasty black Chinese tea, it offers a delightful flavor profile that won’t disappoint. If you try hard, you might also notice a few charred hay notes in this wonderful tea. 

Wine Infused Tea – Why Not Try Some Yourself?

Tea infused with wine is just yet another example of the huge width and breadth of the tea market, so anyone thinking that tea is tea is tea should reconsider, as it would literally take you years to try each blend and variety out for yourself. 

In reality, there is a world of possibilities out there in the world of tea, so if you find yourself wanting to try something new – go for it! You could try out a new tea every day for a year and still only scratch gjcollegebihta the surface, so why not try your tea-tasting journey today?

Whatever your tastes are, there will be tea to suit. It’s just a matter of going out and seeing what’s available. Who knows what you might be missing out on? 

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