Why You Should Install a Comment Plugin


Let’s talk about enabling comments on your blog or site. You may have heard about certain popular celebrities like Seth Godin who have disabled their blog comments due to a high volume of spammy and low-quality comments, and you’re wondering whether you should too. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of allowing comments before you make that decision for your own blog.

Comments are the medium that connects blog owners or writers and the users or readers. Moreover, comments are the way that readers or users communicate with other readers or users as well as with the owner or the writers. However, it is known that most of the bloggers are on the fence of making a decision on whether to enable comments or not. This article helps bloggers to take the right decision.

From a basic point of view, you must realise that comments build the relationship among the readers or users and the owners or writers. Imagine this scenario — in a blog, readers wanted to discuss several things with other readers and give their opinion to the owner or writer of the blog. In that case, users search for the comment box of the blog. If there is no comment section, they give up.

The main issue with enabling comments is the moderation of comments and the fact that it is an expensive endeavor; this is taking into consideration the fact when dealing with an online newspaper or forum. There is an issue with partisan incivility in comments, and this proves to be a serious issue since it does inch towards racism, misogynistic proclivities, and homophobia. 

There are two types of blog comments; ones which are known as gated and ones which are known as non-gated. The mediums have changed but the reasons for interacting have remained. Blog commenting via a wordpress comments plugin for SEO is a simple strategy to start building links back to your site while building strong relationships with people in your industry.          

With so many CMS options out there, it would not come as a surprise that some blog owners might want to migrate from wordpress to ghost and even vice versa. While there are many opinions being thrown around when it comes to choosing the ideal CMS and also choosing the right commenting plugin, remember that commenting is an imperative part when it comes to having a content strategy in place. 

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