WHy We Hire Residential Painting Contractors Near Us


It’s a real art to paint an old house. Of course we can’t start from painting because there are lots of preparatory steps. Mostly we are looking for residential painting contractors near me and then contact them to paint our house. 

It’s evidently, just painting an old house isn’t enough. Only step-by-step work will provide a truly effective result. So, if we want to make our house look beautiful we should search for residential painting contractors near me in our region and then hire them.

Surface Cleaning Step 1: Surface cleaning

Old paint on the facade or plaster that has fallen off in places – everything must be removed from the walls. The cleaner the surface, the more firmly the applied material will adhere to it.

Removing the fungus

Step 2. Removing the Fungus

In most private houses, mold can develop on the façade near the drain pipe. It is necessary to clean it up to a clean wall, and treat the place where mold occurs with an antiseptic. Professional interior house painter know how to implement it. It is important not only to eliminate the focus itself, but also its cause. The surface should be clean only this way can make the paint durable.

Priming the Walls Step 3. Priming the Walls

A primer on the cleaned walls will help to hold together the smallest grains of materials and block micropores. This will make the slab smooth, reduce absorbency, and increase adhesion to walls. It is better to select a primer according to the condition of the walls. In high concentration, it firmly adheres particles of loose walls, and diluted with water allows you to prime plastered walls. If you want to create additional protection against moisture, use a waterproofing primer.

Leveling the Walls with Putty Step 4. Leveling the Walls with Putty

The putty will make the surface perfectly smooth, suitable for painting. The putty contains micromarble, which gives the coating high strength. A huge plus of putty is that it does not disturb the air exchange in the slabs. After the material has dried, all protrusions must be sanded with sandpaper, dust removed and the surface must be primed again.

Facade Painting Step 5. Painting

For the walls of a residential building, professional residential contractors use professional paintings. Facade paints are designed for any atmospheric conditions, do not fade, and are self-cleaning. If you find residential painting contractors near you you can read the reviews and choose the best ones.

Facade Finishing Work

Facade finishing work is time consuming, so sometimes it is better to spend a lot of money on renovation and enjoy it for the next few years. The service life of facade paints ranges from 7 to 15 years. “Long-lived” among materials – All-weather facade paints are on an alkyd basis. It has the highest degree of resistance to weathering and mechanical damage, the paint is applied even at low temperatures, does not wear out, does not fade, it is used on fresh, recently applied cement coatings.

In Conclusion

Yes, painting a house is not an easy job. But on the other hand, the result that it brings is worth it. When done correctly, renovating the façade will be a long-term investment in the beauty and durability of the building.

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