Why watching a movie is good for you?


Do you often watch pathetic movies? We often don’t like feeling sad and we always try to get rid of that feeling as quickly as possible. But sometimes it can also be wonderful to lose yourself completely in a tear jerk. Why do we do that?

There are five psychological reasons for this.

It is an outlet

Many people feel sad, but find it difficult to express it. Watching a pathetic movie can then be a nice outlet. This way you can face your own situation and emotions and let the tears flow. This can be quite therapeutic, but psychologist Kristina Hallet also warns that you shouldn’t dwell on it too much. “If you have trouble feeling and showing your emotions, try other methods, such as writing in a diary or talking to a friend.”

It increases our empathy

When we empathize with a movie character, it is a form of empathy. And you can ‘practice’ feeling empathy. The more empathetic you are, the easier it is for you to understand and support your friends, roommates, partners or family.

It makes you feel less lonely

The sometimes recognizable situations in pathetic films can make you feel understood and supported. This makes you feel less lonely. After all, you are not alone with your problems. This is especially nice for people who find it difficult to ask for help.

It puts things into perspective

Sometimes it is easier to feel sad about the events in a movie than the events in your own life. When we watch a movie, we know that what is happening is not real. That is sometimes easier than looking at our own problems, which are real. The problems of film characters can also put our own problems into perspective and put them in perspective. Maybe things are not that bad for us after all.

Cry air

Crying literally makes us more tolerant of emotional and physical pain. When we cry, our body produces extra oxytocin and other endorphins. These are pain-relieving substances that our body naturally possesses. If you have a nice potty crying during a sad movie, you can tolerate your own problems better.


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