Why to have Window cleaning Services from professionals?


You see it more and more nowadays, the window cleaner who washes your windows without a ladder. Instead of a ladder, he uses a long handle with a brush to wash the windows. This method is called telescopic window cleaning. Use is made of osmosis water. By means of this article we would like to explain how the osmosis system works and what the benefits are. We assure you that your windows will be cleaner than ever before with services from Fensterputzer Oldenburg.

Safety window cleaner

Due to the long telescopic handle, the window cleaner can simply remain on the floor. This is safer and there is no risk of falling, which is the case if he were on the ladder. Another advantage is that the windows are ultimately cleaner and stay clean longer, in contrast to the traditional way of window cleaning. Benefits Of Our Lake Oswego Window Cleaning Services click herer: littleprinceportland.com/window-cleaning/

The benefits in a nutshell

This method of window cleaning is safer because there is no risk of falling for the window cleaner. In addition, the costs are lower because no aerial work platform or scaffolding has to be used. As a result, we comply with the correct laws and regulations. Osmosis water is also not harmful to the environment and will not damage your window frames.

What is the difference between osmosis water and regular tap water?

Minerals, salts, lime and bacteria are dissolved in normal tap and rain water. These residues do not evaporate and remain on your windows. When it has rained and the water has dried, you will see the familiar circles on your window. Osmosis water is water from which everything has been filtered. Osmosis water is also called demineralized, “pure” or “clean” water. Demineralized water is also used in non-maintenance free batteries. This pure water does not leave any residue on your windows, simply because everything has been filtered out. Evaporated osmosis water therefore leaves nothing behind. Your window dries up without drips or streaks.

What does the cleaning process look like?

After the first wash, the cleaning process continues for a while. The osmosis water absorbs old dirt by pulling it into the pores of the glass. When the water has dried, a little bit of old dirt is left on the window, which you will see as small spots on the window. That is why there is always extra good rinsing the first time to rinse away old dirt and soap residues as well as possible.

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This system has been developed for the safety of the window cleaner. The window cleaner can remain on the floor and there is no risk of falling. Another advantage is that the windows are ultimately cleaner and stay clean longer, in contrast to the traditional way of window cleaning. 

Another advantage of this system is that the costs compared to a cherry picker or scaffolding are relatively lower. It is cheaper, safer and the quality is better when working with a telescopic system than, for example, with a cherry picker. In short, better for the customer, the client, the contractor, the window cleaner and it is not harmful to the environment.

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