Why Power Towers Are the Best Ladder Alternatives


Since time immemorial, there has been an age-old battle between using ladders and alternative power-lifting mechanisms. While ladders have been faithful servants for many people in the construction realm and DIY fixing projects, there are many concerns about the safety of their users. According to research, more than 80 percent of all fall injuries in the construction sector involve ladders. Furthermore, estimates indicate that ladders are the cause of 20 percent of all fall injuries. With such staggering statistics, using ladders should be seriously reconsidered, especially for reaching high points. For this reason, it would be wise to source alternatives for you to safeguard your safety and that of others.

Access lifts provide a suitable alternative to ladders. Although many people may think that these tools are only for construction work, plenty of other projects can benefit from access lifts. Power towers are arguably the most efficient class of access lifts that you can choose. On top of being very efficient, these powerful tools are also quite prevalent. You can effortlessly get a power tower in Montreal or any other part of the world at great prices. Even so, there are always skeptics who may not see the importance of these vital tools. This article takes a look at how power towers are superior to ladders and other elevation tools.

The Benefits of Using Power Towers

Due to their versatile nature, power towers are functional in several various settings. To show you how practical power lifts are, here are some of the main benefits you get from using them.

Better Safety

Safety is a primary concern for any construction project, whether building a house or fixing a leak. For this reason, safeguarding the well-being of workers should be of utmost importance. Power towers are arguably the pinnacle of safety in the current access lift market. The designers of power towers are aware of this fact and have worked tirelessly to guarantee optimum protection when using these tools. Power towers come with distinctive anti-slip floors, guard railings, and plenty of other safety features that avert users from danger.

Enjoy Optimum Versatility

One of the most significant downsides to using ladders is the lack of flexibility. While ladders are the most popular elevation tools, they can only do so much. Most ladders aren’t free-standing; thus, requiring the support of a sturdy surface for most functionality. Power towers are free-standing. Therefore, you can use them anywhere you desire. Moreover, it is a lot easier to adjust to your desired height using a power tower than a ladder. Since power towers are electrically powered, you can quickly modify their height while still on the platform.

Easy to Maneuver

Another feature that sets power towers ahead of their competitors is their compactness. A typical power tower doesn’t require any assembly before you can enjoy full functionality. This unique ability makes them a more suitable choice to other ladder alternatives as it enables power towers easy to maneuver through doorways. Furthermore, their minimal build makes power towers proper for jobs that are in snug places.

Low Ground Pressure

A primary concern for people who are new to power lifts is whether they can damage finished floors. Fortunately, many power towers are designed to have low ground pressure from an even distribution of weight. This efficient design allows people to use power towers on raised floorings. Moreover, power towers comprise lightweight materials that prevent floor damage.


There are plenty of other ladder alternatives in the market. However, very few can match the unique functionalities of the power tower. For those who may be undecided about using these versatile tools, this insightful article can help bury any doubts you may have.

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