Why Nonprofits Should Use Social Media to Fundraise


Nonprofits often rely on donations to keep their organization running. One of the ways they raise money is by fundraising. In a digital era where social media communication has become a norm, fundraising online can be beneficial.

Social media is the primary source of different types of content consumption for many people. Using multiple platforms to spread the word about your cause will enable you to raise funds while altering the audience. Here are some reasons why using social media for fundraising is beneficial.

Multiple Platforms Equal More Awareness

Using different online platforms can help your organization reach a wider audience. In addition to social media, using Sumac nonprofit software can also ease the fundraising process. Sumac offers CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) tools to simplify contact management, email marketing, online donations, and more. Using CRM software allows an organization to strategize tasks and interact with various company stakeholders.

A combination of CRM software and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter will allow your organization to reach people on different platforms based on your target donor age group.

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The Lower the Cost, Higher the Revenue

Every business aims to make higher revenue. Although nonprofits attempt to generate revenue to help a cause, not fill their pockets, it is still essential for them. If a nonprofit cannot create a decent revenue, it can be challenging for them to continue operating.

By using social media for fundraising, nonprofits can eliminate the cost of holding in-person events or mailing out details about events. Fundraising on social media can occur with little to no cost, leaving space for higher revenue.

Can Reach Global Audience

The goal of any nonprofit is to reach a broad audience. This goal becomes attainable through social media platforms as the organization can share the posts or links worldwide. Setting up an online donation platform will enable the company to attract more potential donors and convince them to contribute.

Not using social media limits the number of people you can inform about the fundraising event. Using online platforms provides access to anyone around the globe with internet access and social media accounts.

Ability to Identify Trends & Strategize

When you post on social media, you can check the analytics to figure out which platform and post type reached the widest audience. Social media posts will also allow you to recognize and track the trends in engagement, timing, and more. The ability to identify trends will help you understand what strategies work and which ones don’t. You can use the metrics to determine your next move.

Increase Community Engagement

As you share your fundraising event with the audience, you can tell a story to increase community engagement. If you genuinely believe in your cause, you and tie it to a more significant set of values and spread awareness about the matter. When like-minded people come across your organization, post, or event, they can communicate with you and share their thoughts.

Community engagement will help the audience feel involved in the process and continuously motivate them to contribute to the cause.

Running a nonprofit can sometimes be challenging, but it is gratifying. If you’re looking to spread the word about a cause without breaking your budget, social media is your best friend.

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