Why NCERT is best for English preparation


The English Language is an important part of academics. Given due importance in CBSE and ICSE school syllabus, English subject has two branches- English Literature and English Grammar. English Literature consists of a collection of short stories and poems while English Grammar consists of grammatical concepts and guidelines. English language is also the language of international communication and is spoken globally. Students need to study it well so that they can converse freely and comfortably when exposed to the global podium. This is why English is given so much importance as a subject on the academic front. It holds a significant place in the school curriculum and is a compulsory subject in the 10th and 12th CBSE board exams.

Students must be prepared for it in advance as it’s a completely separate language with its own set of rules and concepts. Any language takes time to adapt and learn. For this reason, the students are taught English right from kindergarten. Classes from 5th to 8th are particularly significant from a learning point of view. The English in these standards consists of all the important advanced chapters including the direct-indirect, adverbs, prepositions, gerunds, phrases, infinitives, and many more. These chapters are crucial to building the blocks of a strong foundation in the English language. Also, the Literature gets advanced with works of elite writers and poets being included. It is important to follow the right route to learning the English language during this phase itself including choosing the best study material.

The best study material for English preparation is the NCERT English books available for all the classes from 5th to 12th. The NCERT books are specifically designed after in-depth research and analysis by English experts. They are formulated after understanding the intellectual level of the students of a particular class. The NCERT books are the best for the preparation of CBSE English Exams and learning because-

  •       They use simple language and thus are easy to comprehend. The easy language used for explanations enables the students to connect to the language and they make effort to learn it. When you understand something, you automatically enjoy doing it. The same is with studies as when the students understand the English grammar concepts, they show interest in learning them.
  •       NCERT English books are interactive and fun to work with. They catch the interest of the students with various quizzes and activities to do in class and with their friends. This helps them to learn quickly and helps them retain it.
  •       NCERT English books give information in a concise and pin-pointed manner. The topics are not given exaggeratedly and as such are not bulky and complex. Complex and bulky books demotivate the students and they lose interest in the subject. Thus, NCERT English books are saviours in that aspect.
  •       They contain all the information at the grass-root level and explain all the concepts right from the very basics. This helps to build a strong foundation in the English language which is very important if the student aims to speak and converse fluently in English without making grammatical errors. NCERT English literature books are a treasure trove of amazing stories and poems that are globally acclaimed. The word-bank students build while studying these books helps them to build up a strong English vocabulary which comes in handy while writing essays, letters, and compositions.
  •       NCERT English books prepare the students for CBSE Board exams right from a young age. English is a compulsory subject for both the 10th and 12th Board Exam. NCERT books have a syllabus strictly in accordance with the CBSE curriculum and thus help prepare the students for an advanced level in a staggered manner.

      NCERT Books for Class 6 English have boxes in every chapter. These boxes give extra information about the chapters. Besides this, they also contain various quiz questions and many question and solution banks as well. These are designed to test the concepts and knowledge of the students. This also prepares the students for board exams and competitive exams like ISRO, BARC, and GATE which contain a separate set of English language questions.

Books alone are not enough. Students need to study properly and try to grasp the concepts of language. Learning any language needs effort and dedication. Some important tips to study English effectively are-

Develop the habit of reading– This is very important for getting well-versed with the English language. Develop the habit of reading English books, newspapers, or comics either every day if possible or at least four times a week. This will not only improve your reading speed but also help to enhance your skill of understanding and reading simultaneously. This skill is much needed for the unseen passage questions given in the exams. For such questions, always remember an important hack. Read the questions before reading the passage, as this will help in searching the answers while reading itself, and this way you don’t have to go for a second read unless needed. Reading books and newspapers also introduces plenty of new words in the context which is much easier than trying to memorize them separately. Reading is undoubtedly the best way to develop your word bank.

Enhance your critical thinking ability– This cognitive skill, helps you ace the English Literature part because it enables you to think parallelly while reading and helps you figure out the various scenarios, different angles, and myriad perspectives on the situation and the characters. This critical thinking has to be nurtured by developing the habit of thinking in multiple directions while comprehending prose or a poem. Discussing your prism of thoughts with your teachers, classmates, and friends is the best way.

Polish your English Writing skills– All the CBSE exams are written and to complete the exam successfully within the stipulated time frame, working on your English writing skills is crucial. Practising writing essays, letters, or thoughts on characters helps to understand the format of writing in exams. It helps to get used to the general English writing rules like punctuations, use of capital letters, how to begin sentences, and how to express yourself on paper. It also enhances English writing speed and the ability to write neatly.

Maintain and revise the notes– Students are advised to always make notes of their own when it comes to English subjects. Develop notes on a character sketch, poem theme, the hidden meanings behind dialogues and actions, the crux of the stories, the pivotal themes and others, when you are explained in the classroom by the teacher or mentor. Revise these notes regularly, not leaving huge gaps between the revisions. Maintain a separate copy for reading, understanding, and jotting down new words, as this will help develop a strong English vocabulary.


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