Why MVR Checks Are Valuable


What Is A MVR Background Check?

An MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) background check is a background check focusing on the driving record of an individual. These types of reports are used by insurance companies and businesses that hire workers who routinely make use of automobiles in the course of daily business activities. These types of reports are also known as driving record checks and driver’s license verification reports.

These types of records are kept by the DMVs in each state and each state has different standards and costs in terms of requesting such a report. A notable fact about MVRs is that there is no national database for the United States and such reports have to be handled at the state level by local offices. There can also be some variation in terms of long a report runs for as some states’ records only go back three years while others can be as long as a decade.

What Does MVR Background Check Tell You?

When you get an MVR background check it can tell you a good deal about an applicant’s driving history. Some information is no different from what you would find on a driver’s license (license number, expiration, owner’s name, address, vitals, driver restrictions, and so on) however, it does provide you a copy of this information without having to request it from an applicant. An MVR also contains other information of note such as license points, past suspensions or license revocations, accident reports, any tickets, and any crimes or legal matters related to operating an automobile.

To summarize an MVR gives you a big picture layout of all the important information concerning the operation of an automobile. This is important to know as while some of this information is rather basic (such as their license number) other information such as past legal incidents can be of utmost importance. Having all the information available allows you to make an informed and proper hiring decision.

Why You Would Want To Have An MVR Background Check Done

As a business, you need to do your due diligence when hiring employees both for the safety and reputation of your company and also for finding the best people for the job. If the services you provide are focused heavily on driving activity, such as being a chauffeur then an MVR is an absolute must. This can also be useful in other industries such as trade-work where you may provide a company vehicle for work-related activities. You want to make sure that not only are your employees skilled but that their driving record shows that they are not putting citizens or your company property at risk.

An MVR is like any other form of background check and should be used alongside other information such as a potential hire’s resume, references, general background check, and interviews. While certain marks on an MVR could be considered deal-breakers this is not always the case as every industry is different and proper weight should be given based on your company’s specific needs and standards. Click here to see the list of best background checking services.

Final Thoughts

When you are hiring employees for your company there is an element of trust involved. Part of that is knowing you can trust them with company vehicles and equipment. An MVR helps you in selecting potential hires that show a track record of not only good driving but also good judgment. Your company’s reputation is highly valuable and can’t be bought a good reputation can only be earned by providing high levels of care, service, and performance. With an MVR check, you gain the information you need to make sure the workers you hire can uphold your company’s highest standards for performance.

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