Why Keyword Selection is Important


You know the importance of keywords and the practical benefits of getting the right ones. However, do you really know the practical benefits of proper keyword selection? Ahrefs estimates that as many as 92.42 percent of keywords are getting less than 10 monthly searches. The chances that your keywords are in that group are high. It might be why you aren’t getting the results you are looking for with your SEO work or PPC campaigns. Here are some practical answers as to why your keyword selection is so important.

People are Looking for You

Google is getting tens of thousands of searches a second, and 46 percent of those are for a business or service. Not many people want to spend hours changing search queries until they find the information or product that they are looking for. They want the one that ranks well, as that speaks credibility to them.

You already know this intuitively. So if you are having problems getting to the top of the rankings, it may be due to poor keyword selection. Keywords with local terms in them such as “Denver SEO” will work. Somebody in Miami isn’t going to want a search result that yields a salon in New York City. Keywords with a local placement are just one way to get out of that 92 percentile. The people are looking for you, show them where to find you.

Engaged Audiences

You want traffic that leads to conversion, but you’re also worried about bounce rates, time on pages, and how to get them to your social media. Good SEO helps you get there, and that’s why it is always worth the money. The long-term strategy pays off. What you put out a year ago online, still has value.

That value is an engaged audience that accomplishes all of those goals for you with one click. An engaged audience is telling you that you are giving them something relevant, and that magic happens when you have the right keywords.

Perform a Broad Reach Early

While keywords are important for a smaller audience, short-tail keywords are important for a broader reach. Proper keyword selection helps you to accomplish both of these goals.

Short-tail keywords are just a few words, usually no more than three, that allow you to reach a wider audience earlier. The benefit here is often higher volumes of search traffic early. This could be a short-term benefit, that will be complemented by other marketing methods to achieve your long-term goals.

Outsource Your Keyword Research

If you are not exactly sure how to get the best keywords, outsource the problem. There are a few budgeted SEO companies in London that can help with best keywords for your website. That is more cost-effective than spending the hours on research and the funds on a marketing campaign that you aren’t sure will work.

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