Why is sports eye safety important?


Why should you be bothered by sports eye safety?

Sports-related injuries are common these days. This is why people take preventive measures to protect their joints, knees, head and arms from damage. But, there are also sports in this world that are more harmful to your eyes than any other part of your body. 

The world has finally realised the importance of using protective sports eyewear to reduce sports-related eye injuries. Athletes, especially those into swimming or basketball are more prone to acquiring injuries that could lead to vision impairment if they don’t use proper eye protection on the field. 

Even though sports-related eye injuries are a big concern, not every athlete use protective eyewear. Regular glasses aren’t able to protect your eyes from the intense impact and injuries that are prevalent in sports these days. 

Why is sports eye safety important?

Sports eye injuries are becoming increasingly common these days as more and more people are picking up racquets and bats these days. Thus, sports eye safety has become equally a big concern especially for athletes with a vision problem or those wearing contacts or prescription glasses

The best way to avoid these injuries is to use protective eyewear in the pitch. Although it won’t reduce the risk down to zero, it will protect your eyes to a great extent. Your normal prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses are not enough to give you proper eye protection. Moreover, normal glasses can shatter easily when something hits them and scratch the eye. 

However, vision problems or the risk of these injuries should not hold you back from taking part in your favourite sports. With the right type of eyewear on the field, you can ensure complete safety and comfort for your eyes. 

Some common sports-related eye injuries

Sports-related eye injuries range from mild to severe including corneal abrasions, penetrating injuries or ionizing radiation. 

Blunt injuries 

These injuries occur due to the sudden compression of the eye at the time of high impact. These could be the result of a tennis or cricket ball hitting the eye. The higher impact will leave severe injuries that could damage your eye structure and may even result in sudden vision loss. This is why using protective sports glasses are a must.

Corneal abrasions

These refer to the scrapes on the surface of your eye known as the cornea. This problem could be extremely painful and uncomfortable. This injury often heals on its own but it’s still important to consult an eye doctor to get the best medication. 

This type of sports injury is most common in basketball when a fellow player accidentally pokes you in the eye. 

When playing sports, you need sharp and crisp vision. Apart from using sports glasses to prevent eye injuries, you also need regular eye exams. But, whether you play sports or not, you should get regular eye exams. You can get a free eye test in the UK from the NHS. 

Protective sports eyewear for different sports

You need different sports gear for different sports to enhance your vision and protect your eyes on the field. 

Here’s a list of different sports and suitable eyewear for each of them. 

Raquet sports 

Eye injuries are common in racquet sports than in any other game. Either the badminton or the ball could hit your eyes. Polycarbonate sports glasses are the best type of glasses for these games. And if you have a vision problem, you should opt for prescription sports glasses. 

You can also choose a lens tint that will heighten contrast and help you see the white tennis ball even more clearly. As squash or tennis are generally played in indoor settings, you need glasses that dial down the bright indoor lights and give you a clear view of the court. 

Basketball, volleyball or football

Eye injuries in these highly competitive sports could be the result of someone’s finger or elbow getting in the eye. Moreover, the eye can also acquire a serious injury if the ball hits it. To prevent this from happening, you need glasses with polycarbonate lenses that are impact resistant. 

Make sure that your glasses are shatterproof so they don’t get damaged in case something hits them. If you have low vision, then you’ll need prescription sports eyewear so you can protect yourself on the court and don’t hit others’ eyes. 


Pool water has high amounts of chlorine that could lead to severe damage to your cornea over time. Even after swimming for a little while, the chlorinated pool water can make your eyes feel red and irritated. 

Those who use contact lenses should remove them before going into the pool as the bacteria could bind to the surface of your lenses and increase the risk of eye infections. But you can use watertight prescription swimming goggles to see under the water and keep the chlorine water out of your eyes.  


Cyclists are bothered by the reflections of the sun rays and the dirt or debris flowing in the strong winds. Cycling glasses will prevent your eyes from going dry due to intense winds while the wide lenses keep dirt and debris out of your eyes.

From blocking UV 400 to eliminating glare, good cycling glasses increase contrast and give you a clear vision on the road. You should get them in a wraparound style so you can enhance your peripheral vision as well. 

It’s important to keep your vision safe during sports. Make sure you wear sports glasses and take all the preventive measures you can take to avoid sports eye injuries. 

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