Why is Public Health so important?


Health is the natural state of the body, characterized by its balance with the environment and the absence of any painful changes.Health is the natural state of a person as a whole: his thoughts, feelings, words, deeds. A healthy person lives according to the Laws of Nature and he knows these Laws. Health is not a conditional concept. Many kinds of health problems impact people’s lives throughout the world. Hearing, smoking and loneliness are three major health problems.Your life is your startup. You do not need to fail as a start up. You are in the 10% of happiest people, not in the 90% as a failure. After combining all the medical  analytical graphs you can understand the reality of the sphere and hope you will take into account medical all advices.So we will talk about it to prevent failures.

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Hearing impairment can occur slowly and imperceptibly, or vice versa – it can manifest itself strongly and suddenly. But there are a number of common signs, noticing which, you should be wary and seek the advice of an audiologist who will help examine your hearing.The causes of hearing loss are many and varied. Sometimes the cause is obvious and easily overcome, such as a buildup of wax in the ear canal or an ear infection. Until recently, age (presbycusis) was considered the most common cause of hearing loss, but today, when the streets are becoming more noisy, and rock concerts, discos and an mp3 player remain the favorite entertainment of young people, older people are no longer the largest group in hearing loss statistics.We all need to schedule our time and day to be more productive and health because losing has also emotional effect.


Most teenagers dream of growing up quickly, using the attributes of adulthood for this. Unfortunately, the most common thing that shows this, from the point of view of young people, is a cigarette. It allows them to assert themselves in the company, to show their friends their “coolness” and independence. Smoking is imposed on the younger generation through youth films. Unfortunately, it is at a young age that smoking has the most detrimental effect on health.The harm of smoking for teenagers is, first of all, a serious trauma for a young organism that has not yet fully formed. In adolescence, the body is still growing, forming the immune system. It is in this situation that cigarettes cause maximum harm – they severely break the process of formation of the body’s defenses, which will certainly affect the health of a teenager in the future. Cigarettes wash away calcium from the bones, which is the basis of the bone apparatus and many other important processes occurring in the body. In addition to calcium, the smoker’s body daily loses vitamin B6, which is the main vitamin for the normal functioning of the nervous system.Tobacco smoke is the cause of asthma in adolescents, which can subsequently lead to severe forms of the development of a wide variety of bronchial and lung diseases. Smoking also causes the development of gastritis, which can develop into an ulcer. All of the above slows down the process of normal development and growth of a young organism, which can subsequently lead to a delay in the growth of internal organs and adversely affect the mental development of the child.So let prevent all the things we have mentioned and keep calendar for your health dating  .Use calendar scheduling apps for preventing bad habits and correcting daily life.


We all want to get away from loneliness. Studies have shown how harmful it is to health: it undermines both cognitive abilities and the immune system, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and dementia, and simply shortens our lives. The psychological consequences are just as dire: studies have shown that we need strong social connections for happiness and meaning in life, that many would rather be subjected to electric shocks (though not very strong) than to sit alone.

Final Thoughts 

Thus, Public health addresses chronic conditions and emergency health threats ranging from heart disease and depression to infectious diseases and violent injuries. Each of these issues listed above is, of course, a cause for public health concern. 

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