Why Is It Important To Update Your Tail Lights?


If you’re planning on making upgrades to your truck, which improvements are your top priorities? Adding accessories and additional gadgets to the interior is helpful, but your essential repairs should be at the top of your list. If you have damaged or ineffective tail lights, you can replace them promptly to keep you safer on the road and protect other drivers. Unlike many car repairs, tail light replacement does not require a professional mechanic. If you have a few tools, you can order the parts online and replace the lights yourself.

The Benefits Of Having An Updated Tail Light For Silverado’s

Your Silverado is a high-performance vehicle, but it’s larger and heavier than many commercially-produced cars and trucks. Without adequate lighting, your vehicle poses a hazard when visibility is limited.


Replacing your 2005 Silverado Tail Lights can significantly improve your visibility to other drivers. Even if the bulb is undamaged, the assembly could be faded, scratched or fogged up by excessive oxidation. When the lens is distorted or discolored, the light is less luminous.


Cloudy or damaged taillights are unattractive, and they take away from the aggressive styling of your truck. Lenses damaged by condensation or oxidation appear faded and allow less light to shine through. When you install brand new lights, the rear of the vehicle will look like it rolled out of the showroom.

State Inspection

Although each state has different laws regarding automobile inspections, most states require the tail light on each side to be undamaged and in working order. Replacing your lights can keep you in compliance with the state and keep you from receiving a costly ticket from a law enforcement officer.

How To Upgrade An Outdated An Tailight

If you purchase a new tail light assembly and plan on installing it yourself, check with your owner’s manual for any special tips on the installation. Older cars have simpler assemblies than newer models, but even a new car’s lights can be replaced by an amateur.

Disconnect the Battery

The first step of the installation process is also the most important. Disconnect the battery before changing the lights and keep the positive and negative terminals separated to avoid electrical damage.

Replace the Bulbs

You do not have to replace both bulbs if one is undamaged, but bulbs are not too expensive (for Silverado owners) and replacing both gives the lights the same lifespan. Use a pair of work gloves to protect your hands when removing the old bulb holder and bulbs. When you screw in the new bulb, be sure not to overtighten it.

Replace the Assembly

The old or damaged assembly should be attached by nuts, and you’ll need a socket wrench to remove them. When installing the new assembly, hand tighten the nuts and try not to crack the housing by overtightening.

Reconnect the Battery

After reconnecting your battery, check your taillights to ensure they’re functioning correctly. You can appreciate them best when you view them at night.

You can take your car to a professional for major repairs, but for taillight replacement, you can save a few bucks by visiting a trusted online auto parts merchant.

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