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Why is getting Node.js training important for your career?

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment, which is simple to use, and provides a versatile list of benefits. Getting a node.js training will amplify your skill sets in the runtime environment and enhance your chances of getting a highly demanding role at some of the biggest tech giants of the century like Netflix, Uber, Citibank, Go Daddy, PayPal, and the likes. 

Not just that, a Node.js training can improve your problem-solving skills when it comes to basic task command scripts, delivering total applications in no time, fluency in both front-end and back-end codes.

A training course like this helps to implement your newly gained knowledge into experimentation using Cloud Labs and this will hugely impact your confidence on the subject of Node as well as Express, some advanced applications of which are also included in the modules.

Node.js has, in recent years become one of the quintessential technical skills companies are looking for during hiring, so having hands-on training done on the same adds so much value to your resume.

Amazingly enough, all this is provided in just 1-day of live lecture series.

Take a look at the key attributes of the Node.js training –

  • Single-day live session with trained instructors
  • You can pause and play the session according to your speed since the entire session will be recorded
  • A huge array of worksheets and hands-on projects to choose from
  • Experimentation of Cloud Lab for free and led by mentors
  • Indefinite access to Courseware
  • Assignments to check your real progress and revision sessions whenever needed

Are you –

-a software engineer?

-a full-stack or back-end developer?

-a beginner but want to enhance your skills?

Then this is the right Node.js training for you to register right now.

Skills you will have after this node.js training

  • Building complex back-end Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Building versatile modules and widely delivering packages
  • Generating easy command-line scripts and tools for execution
  • Using a large array of node.js applications on the cloud
  • Learn how to protect Express from malicious app attacks, rendering, middleware, routing, authentication, and all the advanced applications of Express

Hands-on training that includes blending learning experience and real-world projects of application development will boost your morale and at the same time allow you to lead your teams towards excellence.

A smart team that has a basic knowledge of JavaScript can apply the node.js learnings from this course to deliver projects super efficiently, allowing for upscale of the applications and providing personalized problem-solving, take on big and complex back-end projects, and tackle them like a pro. Big or small, all companies now have their eyes on good Node.js skills, so this can potentially be a great skill, both personally and as a team, to monetize on.

So, clearly, Node.js training is essential in hacking your way up through mastery of the modern runtime environment, so hurry up and register now!

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