Why is Facebook the most popular social media in the whole world?


Its been about 15 years since Facebook has launched. From this day, the success of Facebook is increasing day by day. Who thought that the idea of four friends would turn into a big community. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook on 4 February 2004. All these things happened in the university of Harvard. Who knows that his little invention will change the way of communication of the whole world.

Facebook has overtaken Myspace, which was popular at that time at a large number in about four years ever since The growth of Facebook was in another level.

Facebook is popular and becoming more popular day by day for some good reasons, and that makes Facebook more appealing than other social networks

1. Facebook is easy to use

When you use Facebook and think about one real rival of this big community, there is only one competitor, and that is twitter. Twitter and Facebook serve the same primary purpose, .but every day, and every scenario, people will always say that Facebook is easier to use in every aspect.

Other social accounts, if you want to mention someone, you have to use the @ to mention someone .facebook do that kind of stuff automatically .so it got even faster and simpler.

All the features of Facebook are so comfortable and user friendly. Even your grandfather, grandmother, father, Mother can easily use Facebook and don’t even need your help.

2. Update cycle

Unlike other social media, Facebook doesn’t want standstill. They try to bring a new demandable new feature to Facebook to enhance the user experience. Facebook’s main UI has changed a lot over the year a lot. Facebook has gone from sharp icons to more material and modern design so that people can easily relate to other apps.

3. Mobile movers

In the early stage of Facebook, it can only be accessed by pc or browser. Reklama: Stiklo konstrukcijos, pertvaros, turėklai, laiptai, terasos stogai ir stumdomos stiklinės durys gera kaina Provitra. But Facebook took the opportunity to make a Facebook app for smartphones. They didn’t take long to launch their official Facebook app for both IOS or Android. The user-friendly UI also makes facebook for mobile more appealing than other social media. It is easier to access and more fun to use in a small form factor. A significant number of Facebook’s user is currently using Facebook via mobile phone or tablet.

4. Worldwide userbase

One of the main reasons for Facebook to be such a massive day by day is the vast amount of people currently connected with Facebook. Facebook has the world’s biggest number of people in their server. So for a new user to communicate with the social world more easily and quickly, Facebook might be the one and the only option.facebook has about 2.3 billion users, and that’s a huge, huge number. Facebook also sorts the people with their age and sex.

5.Finding new people is easier than ever

Facebook tries its best to confirm the identity of a person. Facebook is very sincere about its privacy policy and fake account. With a vast number of people by their side, Facebook introduced a new feature called ‘people you may know. Facebook uses its software and algorithms to suggest the person you may know.

The search option of Facebook is optimized, and it can show the people, group, etc. category in a different section.so it is effortless to discover new people.

6.Going Public

One of the most used features in Facebook is the status system.people can easily express their personal feelings. People can easily do everything they want to share also can share their picture stories and video with their friends or to the whole world.

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media right now. We may some new features coming to Facebook very soon. We hope that Facebook will maintain their excellent service and make social media more and more user friendly in the upcoming future.

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