Why is Chani Nattan so popular?


Why is Chani Nattan so popular?

There are several types of ways to get viral on the internet. Some obtain by doing unusual stuff that people laugh about. But most of them don’t remain as memorable as Chani Nattan. He is now considered one of the most successful celebrities of all time. He has given us some fantastic song that no one ever could. With his beautiful voice, he has a beautiful and kind heart for the less fortunate persons—that why he is so popular and respected among all the fans and ordinary people. Today we are going to discuss details about why he is so popular among every genre of people.

Who is Chani Nattan?

We all know chaninattan as his music name. But his parents have also given him a beautiful name Charnveer Natt. He has a typical Singh vibe in all his song and fashion sense. He has been practising music in an early age. But now the fans are loving his so much, so he chooses singing as a profession. Now he is 27 years old professional singer. He is currently living in Vancouver,BC. There he is continuously working on new songs and lyrics.

Chani Nattan’s singing career

There are only a few artists who are as successful as Chani Nattan. He has released fewer songs compare with the other singers. But those few songs is enough to show the whole music industry how capable he is. He has just released dozen of songs in his entire career, butthose songs have listened over millions of times on the online streaming platform. He has his youtube channel names Chani Nattan. He is a sensational artist across the globe, and many artists follow his style. In his entire career, he has worked with some great minds of the music industry, such as Intense, Harj Nagar, Sagar Deol the famous video director and a lot more.

His most of the songs are super hit and fan favourite. But the recent hit song from Chani Nattan is Rockstar. Chani Nattan himself writes the song. Like the name of the song,it provides a rock vibe. Another super hit song from Chani Nattan is ‘Friends Like me’. The song has gotten a lot of hype and got good response for its unique lyrics. His most viewed songs are

  • 3 Million views on Kharku Life
  • 1 Million views on Kaali
  • 7 Million Views on Tracksuit
  • 5 Million Views on Roose
  • 1 Million Views on Watch Your Mouth
  • 9 Million Views on Soldier
  • 2 Million Views on Untouchable

He has also helped to build other careers. He’s one of the good things is he supports new faces. For his new afford, we come to know some of the contemporary artists in the music industry. He has given a chance to local talent in Vancouver, Canda by promoting their work.

Social Worker Chani Nattan

Many celebrities don’t care about the people who are not equally lucky to have food in a day,Chani Nattan isn’t one of them. He has found an organization whose primary goal is to help the less fortunate people. His organization manage to maintain the largest food and toy drive in the whole ofBritish Colombia. He is donating over 100,000 dollars of food every year. He has now completed this thing four times in a row. In his third time distribution of food, he has broken his previous record by double. In the second event he donated about 18000 lbs but in third event December 2, 2018, he distributes a record-breaking 38000 lbs of food for Surrey food bank.

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