Why Hoodie are important           


It is an age old question in the United States. Why do I wear a Hoodie in the winter months, when it might snow or just get “cold” outside? The answer to this question is one that has been around for years, yet still remains unanswered to some.

If you ask someone why they have worn a tyler the creator hoodie sweatshirt on countless occasions, then most likely they will tell you it’s because it’s comfortable, warm and looks good. Well of course it does! But what you need to understand is where did our love of hoodies come from?

So let us take one step back into time, shall we? For starters, men have worn some sort of cloak or cloak-like item for centuries, back to the time of Ancient Greek men. While women would wear a shawl or cape. Even during the Roman era; this was quite popular, both with men and women. But let us take what we know about history and shift it up a few decades (or even centuries).

Back in the day, people were expected to dress formally despite only going out into public to get their groceries or go to work; if you wanted anything done then you had better be dressed like it. This was also true during the Renaissance era (unless you were part of an artistic profession like painting, music or dancing).

Now there are so many things that contributed to this time period where wearing a cloak or bad bunny shirt with a hood was commonplace. For one thing, being born into the higher echelon of society meant you were considered to be above everyone else, so it would only make sense that you dressed in classy attire.

You can wear whatever you want but wearing something that looks like an actual cape will definitely help raise your status amongst the peasants (which is what this lower class called them). Of course when they started making these capes, people realized they could do more than just look good; they covered their shoulders and back in case there was wind or cold air coming through town. This way you would not get sick from suddenly feeling cold; rich man’s remedy I guess!

Conclusion paragraph:

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