Why hemp is good for health


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Female Pharmacist Kornkanok Ingkanan, Director of Chivas Station for Academic Excellence in Cannabis and Hemp from the Faculty of Pharmacy Naresuan University, gave a lecture on the topic Extract preparation and quality control “Cannabis-Hemp” at the Cannabis Expo, Hemp 360 degrees for the people, tells about the preparation of extracts and the quality control of hemp extracts and Cannabis. We can see that all of you gathered here aim to create healthy innovations from Cannabis and hemp. and what is needed to create innovation for health is

  1. Legal
  2. Quality and standard
  3. Safe

Difference between marijuana and hemp

Marijuana and hemp are the only plants. Which characteristics we already know Legally, if it’s hemp, It has a pharmacological effect, but it can also be drunk, making THC a psychoactive point. Make cannabis and hemp inflorescences as a Category V drug. If hemp, the total amount of THC must not exceed 1%. If THC exceeds 1%, it is called marijuana. Legally, perhaps in terms of specific terminology. Hemp’s name is Cannabis sativa, the Sativa species term, and Cannabis sativa, the Indica species term. Leaves are wider than hemp. But the breed’s developers say. This isn’t important. Because Cannabis and hemp can be developed into small plants, large plants, small leaves, large leaves. If you look at the law, Let’s look at the substance THC is better.

The use of hemp focuses on seeds, filaments, and inflorescences are now starting to be used for some health benefits, while Cannabis is used in female inflorescences.

In many countries, it is allowed to grow hemp. For industrial purposes, such as China, America, Canada, but Cannabis is grown only in some countries. for medical and recreational use.

Why hemp is good for health

When eating marijuana or hemp is said to Relieve muscle aches, Eat and have an appetite, sleep easily, and relieve pain because the human body has many hemp wraps receptors that can be obtained from Cannabis called cannabinoid receptors (cannabinoid receptors). Our brain is the 1st receptor, and the 2nd part is immune.

As said, the THC in the hemp plant must not exceed 1%. When this substance is met with the 1st receptor, it has a pharmacological effect. Suppose you ask me if I’m afraid Because hemp works very well. But it must be controlled to use the correct size.

As for the other substance, cbd öl has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. Even if it binds to the receptor, it doesn’t work. Therefore, CBD is not a drug in which cbd öl can be developed into health products. by acting to relieve stress protecting nerve cells. If it is a drug, anticonvulsant drugs in children (Children with drug resistance) Antipsychotic effect Anti-tumor, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects, etc.

Classification of raw materials derived from plants Hemp-Hemp

In our country, industrial Cannabis (Fiber-type) is marijuana. Hemp is divided into drugs (drug type) is counted as Cannabis. Because it contains more than 1-20% THC content, but if it is halfway between the drug and the fiber. (Intermediate type) is hemp, contains 0.1-1% THC, and fiber must contain less than or equal to 0.3%. In foreign countries, it is rigorous; for example, in Europe, THC content is not more than 0.2%.

Canada, not more than 0.3%, but Thailand can not do because it is a hot city because from the experiments that have been controlled, it is still beyond. Therefore, Thailand has determined that THC substances should not exceed 1%.

Business opportunity

It is legal for marijuana and hemp to get out of the drug, CBD must contain no more than 0.2 THC, and the cbd öl is non-narcotic.

by a list about hemp that is not classified as a drug

  1. 1. Dry bark, dry fibers, and products formed are not drugs.
  2. 2. The pure CBD extract obtained from the extraction is greater than or equal to 99% with a THC content of not more than 0.01% by weight and the extract. or products from extracts that contain CBD as the main ingredient and contain THC not more than 0.2% by weight
  3. 3. Hemp seeds, seed oil which is food according to food and cosmetics law and must be used for food and cosmetic purposes only.

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