Why Every CBD Oil Is Not Safe To Use


Did you believe that all cbd oils are similar?

The call for cannabidiol oil (CBD) products is fastly expanding as a lot of people become more familiar with the benefits of natural wellness and the uses of CBD. Together with all quick-growing industries, a lot of fresh businesses are coming up to meet the demands of the consumer, making a market obstructed with a lot of products to choose from. This has left the consumers wondering if all CBD oil is similar.

While you investigate the available oil products from CBD hemp, take note that in fact not all of the CBD oils are similar and the quality among CBD products differs greatly among different manufacturers. While the market is expanding and more of the products hit the market in order to capitalize on demand, it is very important that you look for a trusted source when it comes to CBD oil with high-quality.

Why choosing a high-quality cbd oil product is important

With the CBD hemp oil categorised as a natural product, diligent practices in testing are not yet needed by regulators. The methods utilized to produce CBD oil directly can affect the quality and safety of products you might purchase. That is why it is a must that you do some research to purchase your CBD products from trusted manufacturers.

Superior sources of hemp

There are a lot of hemp’s global sources and each of the hemp variety has its individual set of characteristics, this includes its CBD content.
Excellent-quality products of CBD oil are derived from hemp that is abundant naturally in CBD and cultivated by the use of strict safety standards. Researchers usually test around 3,000 cultivars of hemp in order to identify the one that can produce the optimal potency of CBD.

Clean extraction process

Even though it requires experienced lab technicians and is more expensive, companies normally use CO2 process, rather than using a possibly toxic solvent, to carefully and safely extract CBD oil to remove any risk of being contaminated.

Packaged properly for preservation and clarity

CBD hemp oil products should be packaged to ideally preserve the cannabinoids and the natural constituents of CBD hemp oil. This helps to slow down the CBD oil’s expiration and shields it from degradation which is caused by exposure to light and air.
Along with a precise and complete listing of ingredients, the CBD product labels should provide information on usual serving sizes and recommendations for storage so your CBD oil will not expire or spoil faster.

Avoiding bad CBD companies

The insufficiency of regulations in the CBD market has built a space for CBD companies that scams. Since the CBD industry is completely new, several CBD users are still not aware of what they need to look for. Therefore, It creates a favourable environment for scam companies to operate smoothly.

Fake CBD companies

Copycat scam companies make use of the name and branding of companies with a good reputation and take advantage of these resources. Such scams targets to confuse the consumers into buying from their website. The majority of victims of this scam are the people who misspell accidentally the brand names.

Nearly all the brands that make use of this model are scams. They might put you in the trap and ask a big amount of money for the subscription till you cancel it. Although, they ship CBD products as agreed, the quality remains to be highly questionable. You could receive products with poor quality containing substances that are unwanted and have no CBD at all.

How do they operate?

Scam companies use the trust earned by a CBD company that is reputable, they usually call it a “host”. They select a name that is almost similar to the brand name of the host.

Customers who simply search for a CBD company might end up instead on a fake website. A lot of reputable CBD companies have such copycats that are operating actively nowadays in the market.

How to know a copycat scam company?

It may look difficult to find out if it is a fake CBD company. The most convenient way to identify a scam is by utilizing Google. Just enter the company name and have it searched on Google and see some of the top results on the page. If the one you have searched did not appear on the results, it could possibly be a scam.

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