Why Doesn’t CBD Oil Work for You?


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an important and widely consumed CBD product and is helpful to treat various medical conditions and disorders. CBD has various ways of using, and it helped many people. For example, it’s used as a bath accessory, for massage, or even as a CBD lubricant. However, the effects of CBD products are quite variable and may not be the same for everyone due to different types of metabolic reactions. Therefore, this article is mainly focused to highlight the reasons that why CBD oil is beneficial for some people, and why it does not produce any good effects on some individuals. 

There may be various reasons that why CBD oil is not working for some specific people and some of them are as follows 

  • Quality of products 
  • Dosage 
  • Use of different consuming methods 
  • Using blend of cannabinoids 
  • Genetics 
  • Physical health 
  • Psychological health 

Quality of Product


The quality of CBD products is directly related to the significant beneficial effects on human beings. So, consumers must be careful to select high-quality products only. Although, CBD products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration Authority, but laboratory services are available to cross-check the quality of these products. If someone is consuming CBD products but pronounced results are not observed so, checking the quality of products is an essential approach to check quality criterion. 

Correct Dosage


Calculating right dose is critically important to get desired results and relief. Proper dosage is dependent on various factors such as genetic makeup, gender, age, lifestyle, weight, and CBD source, and quality of CBD product. If you are consuming CBD without getting any significant results, then the dose must be increased than the minimum required dose. 

Use Different Method of Consumption


CBD oil drops and other products can be consumed in different forms but using any specific form may not be feasible for all users. Therefore, they must try to change CBD product to get good results. Consumers can select any CBD product such as topical creams, capsules, flower tobacco, CBD oil sublingual tinctures, and edibles. The delivery mode of these products is different and is introduced in different ways to bloodstreams, skin, and muscles. 

Use of Cannabinoid Blend


Cannabis plant contains various cannabinoids other than CBD and use of CBD alone may not be enough to provide immediate, and optimal relief. CBD is not regulated, and well researched like other treatment options. Consuming CBD is not simple as other medications, thereby; standard results may not be obtained immediately. 



Genetics is very important for functioning and metabolization of various medicines and CBD products. Genetic makeup of some individuals may be good to support CBD functioning, but some people may have genetic makeup that does not allow proper and normal functioning of CBD products. 

Psychological and Physical Health


The functioning of CBD products is dependent on various biological activities and physical and psychological health as well. Results of various scientific studies have proven that women are more sensitive to CBD and other cannabinoids than the men. The size of persons is also important to determine the effects of cannabinoids. 

More interestingly, the Manu pause, and menstrual cycle of women is also affecting the effects of CBD on women. Scientific studies have proven that cannabinoids greatly work with the estrogen and therefore significantly helps for its regulation. 

If someone is using any specific CBD product but is disappointed from results, the above-mentioned conditions may be responsible for reduced or minimum effects. Therefore, all management practices and conditions must be thoroughly checked and considered to get pronounced and desired effects. 

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