Why Do Statins Cause Muscle Pain?


Statins are medications that doctors frequently give to treat excessive cholesterol. This is critical since high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream raise the risk of stroke. Person with high cholesterol are frequently prescribed statins to decrease their cardiovascular risk and reduce their risk of stroke. Muscle pain is amongst the most common side effects of statin therapy. Your muscles might experience pain, or weak. Soma 500 mg is best to reduce pain.

Use of statin:

Statins prevent your body from producing quite so much cholesterol, but they really have additional benefits. Statins serve those who are at high risk of a heart attack because they help minimize the risk of hospitalization and death from heart attacks and strokes.

Almost a third of persons over the age of Forty are thought to be using a statin drug. It’s critical to take a statin if you’ve been prescribed one. However, it turns out that all these patients may find this difficult due to a side effect.

Cause of muscle pain:

One possibility is that statins inhibit muscle growth by affecting a protein in muscle tissue. Another possibility is that statins lower the amounts of coenzyme, a natural molecule found in your body. This chemical aids in the production of energy in your muscles. Your muscle fibers may not even be able to function properly if you have less energy.

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Statin Intolerance:

Due to the negative effects of statins mostly on muscles, bones, people who are statin resistant seem unable to tolerate even the lowest effective dose of 2 or even more statins. They may experience soreness or weakness in the big muscles of them of the body within such a month after commencing statin therapy.

About five percent to ten percent of those who attempt statins are adversely affected. It affects the older, ladies, and all those taking high-dose statins the most. Thankfully, these side effects fade away within a month of ceasing statin therapy.


Rhabdomyolysis, or muscular tissue disintegration, is an uncommon statin side effect that really can cause muscle fatigue. Muscle hypertrophy is a life-threatening complication of this condition. Rhabdomyolysis can cause liver damage, renal failure, and, in rare circumstances, death, in additional to muscle pain.

Rhabdomyolysis may seem frightening, but the ordinary statin consumer does not need to be concerned. Taking massive amounts of statins or combining them with some other medications, on the other hand, can raise your risk of developing this illness.


Some patients get tiredness as a result of taking statins. This pain can sometimes be a symptom of more serious harm. Your doctor might reduce your prescription or switch you to a different statin.

To assist you decrease your cholesterol, the doctor might recommend a non-statin medicine. You and your doctor can work together to identify a medicine that will help you lower your cholesterol while also balancing efficacy and negative effects.

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