Why do pests keep coming back?


Pests are annoying creatures to deal with. They enter our homes looking for three important things – food, moisture, and water. Pests easily get inside homes if they find sources like the tiniest of cracks in the wall, holes near windows or doors, leaking pipes or holes, etc. It is extremely important to take care of these sources and seal them up so that you can avoid pest infestation. These pests can come back even after keeping the house clean and tidy or after a pest control treatment. However, with the help of a reputed Leander, TX pest control company, you can address this problem easily. 

Reasons pests keep coming back:

Improperly sealed entryways: Pests easily get attracted to your house by light, moisture, food, water, etc. This entry gets even easier for them if the entryways to the house are improperly sealed. Some of the most common entryways are holes in window or door screens, gaps under the door, gaps around vents, holes in pipes and cables that lead to the house, etc. 

Enter through outside clothing or luggage: Pests like bed bugs enter your house unknowingly through your clothes or luggage when you stay at hotels or while traveling by bus, train, movie theater, etc. Similarly, other pests like ants and fleas also enter the home when you shop for fruits and vegetables and get them home. 

Attracted by pet’s food: If you have a pet at home, make sure you wash up and clean their bowl after every meal. Leftover pet food is a free meal for pests like ants, cockroaches, rats, etc. Also, ensure that your pet’s packet of food is sealed and stored properly so that the smell does not attract pests.

Unsealed food: It is very important to store food in air-tight containers to seal them properly so that the scent of the food does not come out, which attracts pests. Also, try not to leave food uncovered on kitchen countertops as it attracts pests and also contaminates your food.

Poorly maintained garden: Overgrown or poorly maintained yards and gardens also provide a breeding ground for pests. Not trimming grass on time, keeping any stagnant water uncovered, not cleaning fallen leaves, etc., can also attract pests. 

To bug-proof your home, it is best to hire a professional pest service company that will not only eliminate the current pests lurking on your property but also any future pest problems. They will give you knowledge on how to defend your home from any future pest infestation. Following the advice of such professionals will give you a stress-free and pest-free home. 

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