Why Do People Prefer Fountain Pens Over Other Types of Pens?


Fountain pens have seen a resurgence in popularity in the last decade, despite the fact our communication has become more and more digital, and ballpoint pens have been the more popular choice for a long time. So, why have fountain pens made a comeback? What is it about fountain pens that is making people return to them again?

One possible explanation is nostalgia. While the digital age has given us tools to achieve more than we’ve ever been able to before, it has also brought complexity and information overload. The fountain pen represents a simpler time, when we didn’t need to worry about social media or be alert to every email as it pings into our mailbox. The fine nib fountain pen exudes class, tradition and artfulness. It turns the act of writing into less of a necessity and more of an indulgence.

Fountain pens have long been a part of our history. From the first quill pen made of a feather with a slit to hold the ink, to the first nib pen that required dipping into a pot of ink, the fountain pen has gone through many changes. With advances in design and production techniques, fountain pens are now available in a variety of materials, suiting a huge range of writer preferences.

Fountain pens, these days, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. This makes it super easy to find the right pen for you in terms of weight and style. If you prefer a heavier, robust body, try a stainless steel fountain pen. If you want your pen to have a slightly different finish or feel a little lighter, try a fountain pen in titanium or aluminum.

So, why do people prefer fountain pens over other types of pen?

1. Fountain pens can be tailored to your needs

From the material the body is from, to the size and shape of the nib, to the choice of inks, the fountain pen can be customized to suit any preference. If it’s an EDC fountain you’re after, you’re in luck. There are many new fountain pens available that can double up as everyday carry items.

2. Fountain pens require less pressure

Fountain pens readily produce ink for the paper without needing to pressed or moved too heavily. This makes them great for people who have to write a lot, or who don’t have strong wrists, or suffer from wrist or hand strain.

3. The best fountain pens make a bold statement

Fountain pens are now available in a range of contemporary materials such as stainless steel, with unique characteristics. The bolt action fountain pen, for example, is perfect for someone who likes to fidget, and it’s style speaks volumes about the person who writes with it.

4. Fountain pens are increase muscle volume economical

Due to their refillable ink barrels, fountain pens are economical. All you will ever need is the one pen and a supply of ink. And not only that, over time the nib adapts to your personal writing style, making it truly unique to you. Fountain pens are generally very well made too, so if you take good care of your fountain pen, it will last you for many years to come.

5. Fountain pens are sophisticated

Fountain pens have long been the pen of choice for people working in esteemed professions such as medicine and law. They carry an air of elegance and sophistication that a ballpoint pen can’t carry off in the same way. If ever there was a pen to make a statement about style and class, it’s the fountain pen.

There are many more reasons why a fountain pen is a good choice. In some countries it is believed that fountain pens improve performance in schools and with studying. This is because they are thought to discourage children from making the handwriting mistakes, such as too much pressure, or holding it incorrectly, they might ordinarily make.

With the variety of fountain pen types available, you’ll easily find one that fits you perfectly. These are some of the reasons why a fountain pen is a good choice and considered to be one of the best writing instruments. Hope you liked the article!

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