Why do people like tuning their cars?


Car tuning involves modifying the car for performance requirements that are different from what it was initially designed to meet. Cars are subject to an aftermarket modification. The overall goal of car tuning is to achieve performance improvement to meet the needs of the user. Car tuning has been used to personalize vehicles, which can be in terms of the car’s functionality or your car’s visual improvement.

Tuning is common in four-wheel vehicles to enhance torque, improve acceleration and increase engine power. The modification can either be achieved by addition, alteration, or outright replacement of the vehicle parts. You can buy performance tuners & monitors to incorporate in the vehicle for performance improvement.

Tuning cars has revolutionized with improvements in technology. More advanced tuning systems, autotuning accessories, and tuning equipment offering greater efficiency and better performance have dominated the automobile market.

The whole idea of car tuning originated and is closely related to the concept of auto racing. Tuning of cars became common as the actualization of professional racing and sports became diversified.

Tuning to improve your car’s appearance can be done in the form of car interiors or exterior modifications such as low-profile tires, the addition of spoilers, and altered suspension, which can change the outlook of the vehicle while adding downforce to increase traction. In this manner, the user gets to worry less about their car skidding or wheel slippage on a bad road when the weather is adverse. It is also an active safety feature for your car, besides the aesthetic associated with it.

When tuning for car functionality improvements, the engine and vehicle management system to improve power output are the major areas of modification. Some other techniques that can be modified include transmission and exhaust systems.

Factors to consider when car tuning

  1. Safety- As much as you heavily desire the thrill and comfort of the pimped car, all modifications should be installed in a way that ensures user safety. ‘Safety first’ should be internalized in all processes of car tuning.
  2. The tuning’s target goal – It is vital to understand and clearly define your expected result to your tuning specialist before embarking on the modification. Aimless car modification might as well be risky to the car and, more importantly, the lift kits gold coast.

iii. Parts needed – Once you are aware of what you need, what you need, the next stage is obtaining the required elements for the upgrade of the existing or replacement parts. A proper understanding of your car ensures that you visit a legit dealer for your car model and obtain compatible parts.

Engine Tuning

Increasing engine output power begins with understanding how the engine works together with its components. The five main engine tuning elements are intake parts, exhauster systems, fuel management, forced induction, and ignition parts.

Exhaust tuning increases exhaust efficiency. Metal catalyzers can be incorporated into the exhaust systems to improve both exhaust efficiency and cleansing properties.

Turbocharger and supercharger tuning is essential in handling forced induction. Turbo swapping may be done depending on the needs.

Fuel management aims to gain control of the amount of fuel injected into the engine according to the system’s air. Fuel management is managed under ECU tuning/ Mapping. It is based on the control of the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio.

Tuning the ignition system involves changing spark plugs to control the ignition timing achieved through computer control.

Tuning the intake parts involves improving or replacing stock air cleaners designed to reduce intake noise and prevent the filter from being blocked over a long period of use under various conditions.

Besides engine tuning, you can modify other areas such as suspension tuning with lift kits for trucks, body tuning, tuning of audio system, and vehicle interiors’ advancement..

Benefits of Car Tuning

After car tuning, you enjoy a better appearance, increased vehicle performance, and reduced fuel consumption. This is in terms of:

-Greater fuel efficiency

-Increased engine horsepower

-Increased torque

-Lower carbon emissions

-Improved car acceleration

-Better car aesthetics.

Several specialists are offering various tuning services. The stocks suit the services they provide. The user can enjoy their preferred design styles provided by the tuning specialists. Several tuning styles and visual influences are available in the market, such as VIP style, stance style, lowrider, hot rod, Cal look, sleeper, outlaw, and Euro-style.

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