Why do People like Cockapoos


Cockapoos are a hybrid mix between Poodles and a Cocker spaniel. Over the last few years, they have become very popular, and it’s not hard to see why with their teddy-bear-like features and adorable face. 

Here are a few reasons why Cockapoos are popular and well-liked by most people and why you may want to consider adding one of these beauties to your family.

They Don’t Trigger Allergies

Hypoallergenic is something that all poodle mixes are known for being. They have hair instead of fur so that dander from their skin doesn’t stick on their hair. You only have to realize that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic; they are just a lot less likely to cause a reaction in people who are allergic. So if you have allergies, cockapoos are the perfect dog breed. If you want to add a cockapoo to your family, here are some cockapoo puppies for sale.

They Don’t Smell

Cockapoos are one of the few breeds that don’t smell, which means every room they go in won’t smell funky for the next few days. This doesn’t consider when they get into messes and need to be cleaned in a bath.

Cockapoos are Very Friendly

Cockapoos are dog breeds that love to be around people and other dogs. They do well around new people and are very welcoming. They also do very well around other animals, so if you already have some other pets and are looking for another friend, consider adding a Cockapoo to your family.

Great with Kids

Any small dog will usually do better at being gentle with kids, and Cockapoos are just the right size; they aren’t so big that they are going to trample your kids while trying to play with them, but they aren’t so tiny that you have to worry about the kids being too rough with the dog.

Cockapoos are Intelligent

Cockapoos come from poodles known for their intelligence; lucky for us, they got good looks and smarts! Therefore, Cockapoos are one of the best breeds for first-time dog owners because they are easy to train and catch on to things quickly.

The energy level isn’t too much

Cockapoos love to go on walks and play around, but they don’t have so much energy that you will have difficulty getting them to settle down. Cockapoos like to stay and chill around people and relax next to their owner when that is what they are doing, but if everyone else is playing in the yard or if you decide to go on a walk, they will love that too.

The Perfect Size

Cockapoos are a perfect size, they aren’t too big, but they aren’t too small either. They are just the right size that they can be a family dog, or they can be your roommate in your apartment and won’t need that much space. Plus, they have the most adorable face, and their curly hair gives them the appearance of a teddy bears. They are probably one of the most fun dog breeds to dress up in cute little puppy costumes and outfits!

Popular Breed

Cockapoos are one of the more popular breeds, which means when it comes to deciding where to get it from, you will have a lot more options and be able to compare the different standards each breeder has and choose the best option for you.

The Cockapoo is a good breed all around, and it doesn’t take long to see why they are so popular. There are a lot of pros and cons to the different breeds, but Cockapoos seem to have more pros than cons than other breeds. The cute face and looks are just a major plus to this. 

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