Why Cockatiels Are Good Family Pets


Simply put, cockatiels are miniature parrots that have great temperaments and do not require much care from their owners. However, the benefits that come from owning a cockatiel go even further than that.

Cockatiels Are Gentle Birds

Cockatiels do well as family pets because they are generally gentle in temperament, and they rarely nip handlers. This means that children can handle cockatiels without problem, although it is recommended that cockatiels be tamed and handled by an adult a few times before handing them off to young ones. In some cases, you may find that your pet cockatiel becomes slightly aggressive from excessive exposure to sunlight, so aim to let your cockatiel only see up to 12 hours of sunlight a day.

Cockatiels Are Small

Another reason that cockatiels are good family pets is that they are quite small, are considered to be miniature parrots, and can fit in generally small cages compared to other bird breeds. Small cages can then fit in apartments, or they can be installed in a child’s bedroom. Because they are small, cockatiels do not need to be let out of their cages for exercise too.

Cockatiels Are Quiet

Aside from being small and gentle, cockatiels are also quiet and usually do not make many calls. This means that they will not likely wake up members of a household during the night, and they will not disturb neighbors any time of the day.

About Cockatiel Care

It’s easy to learn how to take care of a cockatiel; generally, owners only need to worry about housing and feeding their cockatiels since these birds are independent and will play on their own.

About Cockatiel Cages

As mentioned above, cockatiels do not necessarily need large cages; however, a cockatiel’s cage should give the bird enough room to fly upward. There should also be multiple perches added to the enclosure, and you may add toys such as ladders, swings, and bells. A cockatiel’s cage should be cleaned once a day as well.

About the Cockatiel Diet

Perhaps the only drawback of caring for a cockatiel is learning to provide your cockatiel with a specialized, varied diet. The basis of the cockatiel diet should be grains and store-bought pellets, and certain nuts and seeds may be fed to cockatiels as supplemental snacks. While it is not recommended that cockatiels eat many fruits, it is okay for cockatiels to have some vegetables in moderation. Some vegetables that these birds enjoy include squash, sweet potato, and leafy greens.

So, Are Cockatiels Good Pets?

Cockatiels make excellent pets for families because they are incredibly gentle and relatively small and quiet. In addition, they are affectionate birds that like to be handled, petted, and rubbed. When it comes to exercise, these birds do not need much space to spread their wings, although they do like to be outside of their enclosures at least once daily. With all of these factors considered, cockatiels seem to be the perfect pet bird for families.

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