Why Asus Rog 3 is excellent for gamers?


Now, in this era of modern science and technology, a mobile phone is a must. Today everybody has a mobile phone on its own. We all play many games in our regular life. But the games which are being designed nowadays are heavy and high graphics. So, for playing these games, we need a perfect phone which has better performance, enough space, enough ram, unique design, better running processor, better system management and well-designed display. Gaming phones are trending nowadays. Asus ROG Phone 3 is produced as a gaming beast. It is a phone designed by Asus company. Generally, Asus designs laptops. But nowadays they are developing many electronic products. Asus Rog Phone 3 is their best mobile phone, I think.

Asus ROG phone 3

If you are finding a gaming android phone (gaming beast), I will probably suggest you buying Asus ROG Phone 3. It has a unique and beautiful design with the best features. You will get the best experience here. You can play any game in full HD graphics here. This phone has enough Storage to run the system and give you space to keep your data. The phone is mainly designed for game lovers. I really loved this phone. This phone is really the God of all gaming phones. This phone is available in all countries. The phone was officially released on the date of 23 July 2020 produced by the best designer of Asus company. Now coming back to the phone information.


  1. Display: 6.59″ AMOLED 1080 2340 resulation with 144Hz refresh rate and 240 hz touch response .
  2. Processor: Qualcomm-Snapdragon 865plus processor with Adreno 650 Gpu
  3. Connectivity: GSM/CDMA/HSPA/LTE/5G with wifi 802.11 dual band
  4. Ram and Storage: 128gb/8gb,128gb/12gb,256gb/12gb,512gb/12gb,512gb/16gb UFS3.1 storage.
  5. Camera: 24megapixel front camera (single) and 64mp(primary)+13 mp(ultra wide)+5 mp(macro) back camera(triple).
  6. Battery and charging: 6,000 mAh Li_Po battery, 30-watt fast charging, type-C charger and many more.
  7. OS: Android 10 is installed on the phone.


  1. ROG UI (specially designed operating system by Asus which is more
  2. better than any android version) is installed in this phone.
  3. Because of the wide display, you will have no problem while playing games.
  4. 128gb/4gb helps to run the system perfectly and playing games without lag
  5. Its processor helps to play games in full HD
  6. Its digital android update system helps to keep your phone always updated
  7. Its advanced fingerprint and the face-detection system helps you to be secure
  8. This phone’s battery helps you playing games for a long time. Battery life is about 8-9 hours

Price For 128gb/4gb is 950$

Price For 256gb/8gb is 1250$

Price For 320gb/12gb is 1400$

Price For 512gb/16gb is around 1700$

The Asus ROG Phone 3 is as good as the upcoming PS5 phone, but the ROG phone 3 is supremely best. Though the ROG phone three gets hot quickly, its battery life stays for more than 10 hours. ROG Phone isn’t just a gaming beast available now; it is also a most excellent hand-held phone. You can try this phone without any hesitation.

This phone is not just for playing a game; this is an all-rounded phone. This phone has a better processor, better camera, more Storage and more ram. You will get enough good reviews about this phone on the internet. You can buy this phone from the official store of Asus. I recommend you to buy a mobile phone from the official site. The phone is systematically good, best on games, better in battery life, fast in charging and many more. It is like a brain with beauty. It is a simulating mobile phone which you must try out.

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