Why are the addiction rates among the younger generation so high?


Addiction is increasingly becoming a scourge on our society and we have ourselves to blame for it. More than 22 million Americans are currently involved in at least one form of drug abuse with a large majority being active users of more than one drug. This means that our country is quickly approaching a point where we have to decide on whether we want our nation to become a cesspool of addicts and the problems that come with them. These addicts are a burden on our society but they are not to blame. We as a society have changed our view on drugs and addiction and th9is has caused the rates to skyrocket. Take our younger generation, for example, their age group has more addicts than any other age group in the country. This is a concerning statistic since they are supposed to be the people who will guide our country in the future and if they are not up to the task our country’s future is destined to be bleak.

To counter this rise, we need to spread awareness about the dangers of addiction and drug use. We also have to work to reduce the already high number of addicts, especially among our younger generation. The best way of reducing the number of addicts is to get them to attend rehab centers. Rehab centers are specially designed to treat addiction and are an addict’s best chance at redeeming themselves so that they can return to their prior lives without the shame of addiction and become a functioning member of society. So if you have someone who is struggling with addiction and is willing to try and leave it behind then help them by getting them to a rehab center. Look up local centers online i.e. orange county drug rehab.

So in order to take decisive action, we need to understand why the number of addicts among the younger generation is so high.

The younger generation is very eager to have a group or social circle to which they belong and this overeagerness often brings them to ruin. They often try to get into a group or social circle by changing themselves to be more like them. So if one group consists of some members that are frequent drug users, they will try drugs just to fit in with the group. This way the fear of being left out can compel them to try drugs and for most drugs, only one dose is enough to lay the foundations of addiction.

The younger generation is also at an age where they are quick to try things and this can sometimes lead them to trouble. When they get the chance to try drugs they often fall prey to their curiosity and end up using drugs. This is compounded by the fact that students in universities and colleges are experiencing freedom and minimal accountability for the first time in their lives.

The younger generation is not to blame for all the causes behind the huge increase in addiction rates. Some blame is on their parents and teacher as well. Most students are under tremendous pressure to meet assignment and project deadlines. They have to make time for quizzes and class tests and then prepare for their midterms and finals, all of which are important for their grades. Then they have to get some field experience as well so that they can get good jobs after graduation and they are supposed to be active in co-curricular and extracurricular activities as well. All these expectations are enough to crush anyone. So in order to manage the burden, some students turn to drugs that can allow for long work sessions, and then this habit continues in their work lives, making them lifelong addicts.

So knowing the way the younger generation is falling into drugs we need to work together to devise strategies that can help them steer clear of drugs and work for their future.


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