Why are Cannabis Seeds Feminized?


The cannabis seed market is currently flooded with feminized seeds. It means that all the plants grown from these seeds will produce only flowers of the female gender.

The female plant possesses unique characteristics that make it much desired among amateur and professional growers; therefore, this development has turned the attention of many away from other plants like coco coir grow bags. It is because cannabis plants can be male and female, but unfertilized marijuana flowers produce the cannabinoids that recreational users are after.

This development has also encouraged cloning since it is one of the most effective ways to create genetically identical plants. It is essential to understand that this process involves taking cuttings from an already potent female cannabis plant so that growers can replicate its genetics.

The following are some of the reasons why seed company like i49 create feminized seeds:

1) To encourage amateur farmers to grow new plants. Since it’s easy to end up with hermaphroditic plants when growing from regular cannabis seeds, having feminized strains means that more people will be willing to start growing their buds.

2) To encourage amateurs to try more of the same strain of cannabis if they had a good experience with it. Since female plants produce potent flowers, most people are encouraged to go for these seeds to get a high-quality product. Also, some people might not have the time or energy to preserve the genetics of their male plants. You will not worry about preserving the genetic line with feminized seeds since all your new plants will be female.

3) To produce large amounts of cannabis by cloning genetically identical females. Since only females are used for cloning, growers can create many copies of the same strain.

4) To produce a large number of seeds from a single female plant. If a female plant has a good yield even if it is not fertilized, it makes sense to use the seeds since they can give you several hundred seeds in no time.

5) To preserve the genetics of cannabis strains which are difficult to sustain due to their high hermaphroditism tendency.

Why are cannabis seeds feminized?

There are several reasons why seed producers have chosen to produce feminized marijuana seeds. Still, the primary reason is that it guarantees a minimal chance of getting male plants, reducing your overall yield. It has also encouraged many growers to start using new techniques like cloning.

However, not all cannabis plants are female since male plants produce pollen which pollinates the flowers of female plants leading to fertilization and formation of seeds. It means that growers who want to use the plant for breeding will have to keep away from males unless they wish their strain to be contaminated by other genetics.

Types of feminized seeds

There are different types of cannabis seeds that can be referred to as feminized. Some, however, are more common than others. They include:

1) The most popular type is where female plants are used for making the seeds by taking their cuttings and using them to produce new clones. This method guarantees you a 100% chance of getting only female plants.

2) Another type is produced by using a feminizing technique that involves treating male seeds with environmental stressors such as heat, chemicals, and light to eliminate the genetic component that determines their gender. This method can also produce high-quality products since you will not have to worry about ending with male plants and losing your entire yield.

3) There is also a technique where cannabis seeds are hermaphroditic by nature, but the stress of growing conditions ensures that most will be female. This type has a high success rate since you will not have to worry about getting anything other than females, but it might take some time before you get good results.

4) Some growers also expose the pollen produced by male plants to radiation to destroy their genetic material and prevent them from fertilizing female plants. This method is not very common since it will only help you end up with females and nothing more.

What are feminized seeds used for?

Feminized seeds are used for several reasons. They include:

1) To ensure that your plants produce a good yield since you will only have female plants to deal with. It is a significant reason many people prefer feminized seeds since they know that it will be easy to get the best yields even if they have never grown cannabis before.

2) To preserve the genetic history of cannabis strains that are difficult to sustain by using pollen on female plants.

3) It also preserves genetics since only female plants are used for cloning which means you will not need to worry about ending with male plants and losing your entire yield at any point in time. With regular seeds, growers have to keep away from male plants or risk losing their total yield when in the flowering stage.

4) To produce a large number of seeds from a single female plant. Since only females are used for cloning, growers can create many copies of the same strain.

5) To ensure that your cannabis genetics are preserved and not contaminated by other strains. It is another reason why many growers prefer to use feminized seeds since they know that their plant’s genetics will remain intact.

6) Some people also prefer feminized seeds since they avoid the time and effort required when growing regular cannabis seeds. These are some reasons why many people have started using feminized seeds to grow cannabis indoor and even outdoor.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the different types of feminized cannabis seeds can help you make an informed decision when buying them. If you plan to plant cannabis, then this piece is for you, and hopefully, it will teach you everything about feminized seeds and how they can be used in the right way.

Whether growing marijuana or other plants, using quality seeds is always recommended. It is to ensure that you get maximum yields and outstanding benefits. It’s also easier to grow big healthy plants with good smelling buds when starting with the best cannabis feminized seeds.

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