Why Anonymity in Content is Important 

Recently the trend in content creation is to provide content to readers and audience members alike, through the lens of anonymity. The growth in anonymous content is prevalent once you notice the success of independent anonymous content platforms like The Doe. More and more platforms like the Doe pop up online because the demand for such content is growing as well.

A reason why is because of the realization by a lot of these readers and viewers that the mainstream media has not provided the product it is meant to provide. Once viewers, readers, and internet users began to realize the fallacies in the content being provided to them, they began to seek alternatives to the content. An area where they turned to is independent online content. More specifically, anonymous content, which succeeds in providing content detached from identity, and therefore bias. Something the mainstream media failed to do. 

In this regard, anonymous content has succeeded in drawing in viewership. But another area they succeeded in is in their work to verify and fact-check the false content being provided by the mainstream media. This has not only mounted pressure on the mainstream media but changed the industry in its entirety. As more and more independent and anonymous media platforms pop up online, viewers will get a better final product in terms of content. This is a positive step in the right direction and the reason why anonymity in content has become too important in today’s digital age. 

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