Why A Bathroom Should Be An Extension Of Your Personality?



When it comes to rooms in our house, the bathroom is one place where we do not have to put on an act. Unlike the kitchen that is a room that is the centerpiece that gets your entire family together, a bathroom is more personal and intimate.
Many leading designers have pointed out how most individuals try to create bathrooms to their own liking and personality levels. This means that depending on the kind of personality you have, you would like your bathroom to reflect just that.
In this article, we speak to some of the world’s leading bathroom décor experts. We ask them some reasons why a bathroom should be an extension of your personality.
If you are an individual or a homeowner looking to redo your bathroom this summer, make sure you check out this article till the end.

Why Individuals should fashion the bathroom after their personalities?

Do you remember the last time you were taking a nice long shower thinking about something important? Chances are that the same would have been today or yesterday.
A bathroom is a unique place where almost all of us gather our thoughts. We start by planning the day and end it by taking a shower to help release all the tiredness from our bodies.
There is a soothing and calming effect that a well-designed bathroom can bring.
It can help reduce stresses, tensions, and worries. A good kohler shower can help relax the body and back muscles and ensure that you feel fresh and wonderful after a long day of work.
Given so many advantages, it is only fitting that a bathroom should be an extension of an individual’s personality.
Bathroom Styles by Personality and Individual Preferences\

1. The Minimalist Style-

Many individual personalities are fond of a clutter-free and minimal environment. These individuals prefer a bathroom that is clean, simple, and does not have too much of anything. The normal wall color shades of such bathrooms should be muted pastels or even an all-white look. Good fittings, some greenery, and ample natural light define a minimalist bathroom.

2. The Luxe Factor-

For some individuals, a bathroom is a place for luxury and decadence. It is a place where they like to indulge and splurge. These bathrooms are defined by super high-end fittings, expansive bathtubs, brass metallics, and royal and rich wall colors. Many people feel that investing huge amounts in bathrooms is great, especially because you are the one who is going to be using them.

3. Nature’s Soul

In the last few years, awareness about environmental concerns has been gaining ground. Individuals are more tuned to be using energy-efficient lighting, natural sunlight, and open ventilation. If you are someone who wears nature on their sleeves, you would perhaps like to bring in a lot of greenery into the bathroom space. This will help create a natural environment.

4. The Art Deco Enthusiast-

Many people try to mix and match elements especially when it comes to their bathroom. Being a personal space, they feel the sense of freedom, that they would not feel in a living space that is more communal in nature. Mixing different wallpapers, experimenting with faucets, and using trinkets from one of their many foreign trips creates a very art deco experience.

5. The Technology Freak-

Just like any other area of the house, technology has managed to seep its way into the bathroom as well. We are talking about smart showers, walk-in lights, automatic exhausts, and herb-infused perfumes. People who are into technology are also going for voice-controlled showers, touch-sensitive infrared driven faucets, and a lot more. Technology is here to stay in bathrooms.
The Bottom Line
Depending on who you are and what is your personality type, there is a bathroom for you. If you think you will be able to add to the list of personalities and bathroom types, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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