Wholesale Nitrile Gloves: Making People Safer During the Pandemic


In these days of the pandemic, everyone has made masks part of their wardrobe. What about gloves? The need for this has not been emphasized so much, yet it is crucial to fighting the virus. Adam Karapetyan, founder of Wholesale Nitrile Gloves, created his company because he knew that to fight the war on COVID-19, everyone would need to be careful about touching their face with their unprotected hands.

Nitrile gloves have emerged as one way to prevent the transmission of the virus. Nitrile is a sturdy material that was in use long before the world changed in 2021. While nitrile starts as rubber from rubber trees, it is processed in such a way that it becomes a uniquely strong chemical. For the past fifteen years, medical professionals, food workers, tattoo artists and even mechanics have used nitrile gloves to protect their hands and health.

The confidence in nitrile is well-placed. Several studies have backed up the gloves’ effectiveness. In one, nitrile was compared to vinyl and latex. The results were telling: vinyl gloves failed 12-61% of the time while the results were better for latex (0-4%) and nitrile (1-3%).

Additional reasons have shown why nitrile is popular for glove manufacturers and consumers. It is very comfortable due to its softness, and it is very clean. It also resists the harshness of chemicals. Its exceptional properties mean it is also used in the electronics industry. It resists punctures. Lastly, allergy sufferers need not despair since it is free of latex.

As nitril gloves have evolved, their advantages and media attention have grown as well. Luckily, they are just as inexpensive as latex gloves, and they do not become irritating even when worn for long periods of time. The wearer can easily grasp objects, and best of all, the hands do not sweat.

“The benefits of these gloves are undeniable. They have really taken the industry in a new direction. However, with the pandemic, the demand for them has inevitably led to their price increasing and availability decreasing,” Adam states. This is when he was inspired to jump into the market. With relatively few domestic manufacturers of the gloves yet so many benefits to wearing nitrile gloves, Adam created his company, Wholesale Nitrile Gloves, to fill the demand.

“The virus is here, as is the need for personal protective equipment. I did some research into nitrile gloves and discovered they are a high-quality alternative to latex. I worked to acquire and distribute reasonably priced personal protective equipment, and demand really took off. Today, I use the multi-state distribution network I developed to help my customers get gloves.”

In the past year, Adam has used his business to provide personal protective wear that is reliable and affordable.

“I experience a lot of pride and satisfaction at my job because I know that by offering these gloves, a person will be safer at their workplace or in their home. While gloves are just one defense, they are an important part of combatting the pandemic.”

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