Which type of worktops suit best with grey kitchen units?


Kitchen is said to be the vital part of your home where you witness several emotions. Be it the emotions of happiness or sorrow, the essence of your kitchen has it all witnessed. So, to cherish the memorable times, your kitchen space must be bright enough to reminisce the old times gleefully.

Be it the brighter shades or the warmer ones, there is no doubt about the versatility of grey scale. As grey is an all time color that is the true depiction of timelessness and an adaptation to various styles for your kitchen spaces to make it look more spacious.

It is seen that, in the UK, no one prefers to go with dull colors or single color themes. Gone are the days when this trend was common while designing a kitchen. At present, there is a lot of variety in color palettes from which you can choose the best possible combinations of your choice.

And grey is a color that is not common in the kitchen styling but, the best part is, it amazingly combines with many other colors and creates a kitchen space that is equally bright and cozy. Choosing the right kitchen countertop can be a bit tricky, especially if you have grey kitchen units but not sure which contrast you should go for, with your worktops.

To not let the customers stay boggled up, we are here to answer your queries to guide you about the right color choice that may go best with your grey kitchen units UK. Here are some of the best worktop colors that can complement your grey kitchen styling and add a spark of uniqueness to your happy area.

  • Whites, a sight to behold!

The combination of white with grey gives off an enriching and sophisticated feel to your kitchen. As for the white worktops, they are on top to enhance the beauty of the kitchen spaces as they go well with every shade of grey. From cool scale to warm scale, white workspaces can undoubtedly do wonders with any shade of grey. More to this, another plus of choosing the white color is, it has the ability to make smaller kitchens look bigger, more spacious and more bright.

  • Browns, blend of earthy aesthetics, warmth and peace!

To give your kitchens an earthy feel, why not go for brown worktops? Pair them with grey kitchen units, and see how well they can get along together. Brown worktops are mostly the preference of homeowners as it gives them a natural feeling, a feeling of warmth. It is an obvious reason why they are always in demand. Not only do they give off an earthy vibe with a warm feeling but they also give an aesthetic feel to your kitchen and make it look more peaceful and comfy.

  • Blacks, a call for sophistication!

Black is an authoritative color that is more likely to give your kitchen a sophisticated look. To bring more adaptability and uniqueness to your kitchen space, combining it with lighter shades of grey can be a good option. It can give your kitchen a more practical and magnificent look. All in all, black worktops are suitable for busy kitchens where many things happen in the kitchen at the same time. So, if you mostly have a busy time in your kitchen and have so many things to do at once, black worktops may be a good option for you as they will also add up to your overall kitchen look.

  • Beiges, comfort and coziness all in one!

Beige is one of the most recommended neutrals for many homeowners. They like it because of the warmth and comfortability it has deep within its structure. It is an evergreen colour that goes well with almost every color and style. This is one of the reasons why Beige color is getting more common these days. It can bring calm to your kitchen space while being quiet and welcoming at the same time. You can also blend more lighter hues of beige to create a worktop that would complement your grey kitchen units.

  • Monochromes, refinement at its best!

Monochrome looks never cease to add up to that appealing factor to your kitchen. Monochromatic palette is as timeless as it is trendy. It is something that always brings a uniformity in your kitchen design and gives a sleek look to your kitchen. Monochromatic color schemes are never boring, the only trick is to choose the most appropriate shades to combine together to make it a good go.

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