Which Type of Lighting You Should Select for your Bathroom?


The luminaire, apart from its lighting function, is what creates the atmosphere of a room. It’s the detail that makes all the difference, you still have to make the right choice: the one that will harmonize the decor of a room while highlighting the most important elements of it. What are the criteria for selecting a bathroom luminaire in order to properly plan its lighting? I show you how to do it in the following lines!

To illuminate the entire bathroom: the ceiling light

The ceiling light acts as general lighting for the bathroom. The objective of this type of lighting is to illuminate the entire room without creating a shadow zone and breaking the austere appearance that the tiles can give off. The ceiling light is even more recommended if the ceiling in your bathroom is low. Discreet and compact, it also has the advantage of being easy to install. Just attach it to the ceiling surface and you’re good to go. For the color temperature of the light, exit warm tones – opt for a cool white, closer to natural light.

The other option: recessed spotlights

The other type of luminaire covering the light needs of the entire bathroom and perfect whatever the height of the ceiling: recessed or non-recessed spotlights. And since you have the option of installing them as you wish or to create a specific design, recessed spots are perfect for custom-made general lighting, while remaining discreet and functional. (to check the range of recessed lights for your bathroom click here)

To get the most out of the spotlights, install them in specific areas of the bathroom (shower, toilet, etc.). And of course, don’t forget to add a dimmer to have the lighting intensity you want when you want!

Which luminaire for functional mirror illumination

For the bathroom mirror, we talk about functional lighting. And for this slightly more targeted lighting, LED illuminated mirrors are interesting. But the spots, tubes and wall lights are just as perfect. To get enough light for shaving and makeup while avoiding being dazzled, opt for a color temperature of 4000K around the mirror.

To do this, install a diffuser or an elongated wall lamp above the mirror or else wall lamps on either side of the mirror – at face height for better visibility when you are putting on makeup or shaving.

More decorative bathroom lights: wall lights

Last method for choosing bathroom fixtures: consider their decorative function. In the same way that you choose a kitchen light, a dining room light or any other room in your home, this is about highlighting the style of decoration of your bathroom with lighting adapted to it.

Then there are the wall lights, available in endless styles – you will certainly find what it takes to create the ambience of your choice. You can also opt for a suspension, a chandelier or any other decorative light (if your ceiling is high) as long as you coordinate everything with the design of your bathroom.

Security considerations

Water and electricity certainly don’t mix. And the humid environment that is your bathroom requires that you take some safety considerations when choosing your fixtures. More simply, bathroom fixtures come with an IP protection rating that indicates their degree of water resistance.

In principle, the higher the IP index, the better! For sufficient protection, luminaires providing general lighting must have an IP of 21 minimum. Those installed above a shower or bath must have at least 24 IP to withstand the humidity of these areas.


If we summarize what we discuss in this article so the conclusion is, for main lighting of your bathroom you can use recessed lighting, for decorative aspect you can use mirror vanity lights also wall light fixtures. You can also use pendant lights if would like to give an extra elegant look to your bathroom. But the most important thing is security consideration, as lighting is related to electricity and bathrooms are the wet area so if you don’t take care of the wiring and won’t take security measures that can cause a big accident. Above there are fixture types given for same purpose. Consider the IP rating before installing any lighting fixture to your bathroom.

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