Which Surfaces Should I Disinfect?


It is incredibly important to use surface disinfectant to clean, disinfect and protect the surfaces that you come into contact with! Using surface disinfectant is a great way to ensure that you do not get sick and pick up any harmful germs or bacteria that could then be ingested. When a person carrying germs touches a surface, they transfer the germs that they are carrying, and if you come into contact with this after they have touched it, you run the risk of picking up the bacteria and transferring it to your mouth. This is why, for the safety of you and those around you, surface disinfection is incredibly important! 

Why Is It Important To Use Surface Disinfectant?

Surface disinfectant sprays offer a great solution for getting rid of germs and bacteria on surfaces. Our team here at TouchBio have developed a hospital-grade disinfectant that can be applied to surfaces in your home, office, school or medical centre to ensure the safety of those who may touch and pass along germs. As this product is ARGT-listed and 99.99% effective in removing germs and bacteria, it can be trusted and used with confidence. Using surface disinfectant can be a great way to keep both yourself and those around you safe and healthy, so be sure to look into using these handy and effective products! 

What Should Be Considered When Using Surface Disinfectants?

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to using surface disinfection products and deciding on the one that you purchase. One of the most important things to remember is that the product that you purchase should be highly effective and long-lasting. A surface disinfection product that does not have high effectiveness may leave you open to germs not being killed off entirely, leading them to still be able to infect those who come into contact with them! 

Another important thing to consider is how long the surface disinfection product remains on the surfaces that it coats. It is important that a disinfectant be long-lasting and protect the surface from germs that may come into contact with it after the disinfectant has been applied. The TouchBio hospital-grade disinfectant spray remains active on surfaces for up to 30 days, ensuring long-lasting protection! Taking these aspects into consideration is important when it comes to selecting the very best surface disinfectant product! 

Keep Surfaces Clean With The TouchBio Surface Disinfection Products!

Our team here at TouchBio has developed a range of surface disinfectants that are designed to keep spaces clean and free from germs and bacteria! As ARGT-listed products, our disinfectants are known to be highly effective and you can use them with confidence, whether you are disinfecting surfaces within a home or even a hospital! If you are looking to find and use surface cleaning and disinfectant products, have a look at our wide range of offers that are available for purchase!

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