Which is the best maternity gift and baby stuff?


If you are looking for an original and fun maternity gift for your girlfriend or sister, the offer can be overwhelming. Nothing seems beautiful, special or original enough for this newborn child, wherever you are looking.

Because what present really says: “I love you, welcome to the world, little one” to that sweet girl or boy?

I made a nice selection for you, a kind of smart manual that will make your baby gift the best part of the entire maternity party. The maternity gift that everyone will ask you of where you found it. 

In the steps below you will quickly find the perfect maternity gift, for every budget. Sounds good right?

The maternity gifts that parents really like

What’s worse than arriving with the same present for the little one as another family member? Research even shows that three-quarters of the parents are not happy with the maternity presents they received. You often only find out when you are a mother yourself. And as a ‘giver’ you naturally not only want the parents to be happy, but above all that you can convey how happy you are with the arrival of their baby!

Below I explain how to come up with a good idea for the perfect maternity gift. What you give with love and that is received with open arms.

Maternity gift for twins

Are you looking for not one, but two original maternity gifts? Then you can choose the same gift in two different colors, for example rompers, baby blankets or pacifier cords. Other great gifts which you can buy from baby store for twins or multiple births are:

  • A photo frame with space for two photos side by side.
  • Plates and spoons, for the first bites of every child.
  • Nice posters, for above every bed.
  • A twin pool, for a cozy baby swim together.

Maternity gift for parents

Yes, the parents can of course also be pampered during their maternity week. Putting a person into the world is of course not nothing. In addition to a gift for the baby, you can also bring something small for the parents.

How about a delicious pampering set with care products for some mommy me-time, a beer package for dad or a voucher for a night out for two (arranged with babysitter). And perhaps a bit boring, but most parents are also very happy with a gift card, so that they can buy a nice baby gift for their newborn son or daughter.

Maternity gift for the brother or sister

Does the newborn baby have an older sibling? Then it is nice to put him or her in the spotlight with a maternity gift. At that moment quite a lot changes in their lives, which makes it extra important to involve them in the whole.

For example, there are various reading books with the theme ‘becoming a big brother or sister’. Or buy something you know they love, such as cars, extra ‘dishes’ for their toy kitchen or a craft package.

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