Which is the Best Book for the Chemistry Class 12 Board for 2021?


Chemistry is considered as one of the subject that is most interesting. This is one subject that will give us an inlet to the different organic behaviors of the chemical compounds and also knowledge about the different types of chemical reactions as well.  Preparing for the boards with this type of the subject is can for interesting as we will have huge area to cover under that and at the same time we will be able to identify the way that we need to prepare

For preparation in case of the board examination for this subject, I would suggest is that we can try and acquire the knowledge of ncert book thoroughly then we should dedicatedly go through practice its examples and exercise properly. Here we can also make the proper use of the comprehensive books for the organic chemistry part. This will give us the idea that will be able to have the applicability of the same as well

Chemistry is  being considered as one of the subjects among all the science subjects which  is said to have amulgalted  many different concepts and most theory in it.what we have noticed till now id that we are being able to identify  the different other mechanism for the proper implementation as well. This subject is being divided in three main parts namely -: Organic, Inorganic and Physical. We should here also understand that each of the topics here should be prepared individually. 

Here I would like to suggest you a few books that might be helpful for you in the Board point of View that will actually help you create a base for organic chemistry and its application 

  • ABC of Chemistry by Modern Publications written by  author S P January
  • Physical Chemistry , Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry written by O.P Tendon

These are considered as some of the great books for referring in Class 12th for Chemistry. These books will be able to provide you with a crystal clear understanding of topics right from the from the very roots. These books will be able to give you the base of understanding of the minimum concepts as well and thus will help you apply your concepts in the other arenas as well.

Please go and vest the online world as this will be able to give you the clear understanding of the concepts as well. The more you going to participate into the discussions, you will be able clear your doubts. It is also advisable that you should be able to apply the knowledge in the new discussions as well. The p [rime aim here should be that you can read all the three part that chemistry is divided into.

 So here what we have to do is that other than this online world you can even rely on one of the most trusted source as in your teachers that I’ll be able to provide you with few of the smart methods.

In chemistry, in order to understand and memorize the concepts better, we can even take the help of the notes that we have prepared. Make formula sheets and also other resources that will help us identify the chemical bond & position of the elements as well.

See the point here my friend is how you prepare and it is not concerned as to in how much short time. Trust me on one thing, the more elaborately you prepare, the more confident will you be on your preparations. This is also important as this will give you the confidence to study well and also at the same time it will be able to have a better understanding of the application as well.

Good luck for your preparation and hope you crack the exam! Make sure to stay confident which is very important for you.

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