Where can I find NCERT important questions for all the subjects?


NCERT books are the main books that students of all classes have to study in different classes. NCERT books are referred by the CBSE board. Therefore, students have to thoroughly go through all the chapters given in the NCERT books to score good marks in their regular exams and competitive exams. Students preparing for the board classes have to refer to the NCERT important questions to understand the type of questions that come in the final board papers. Important questions include all the questions that are asked at the end of chapters.

The books prescribed by the CBSE board are based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern. Therefore, students of all classes have to refer to the books to understand the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

Students of all classes can find NCERT important questions for all subjects on the internet on different websites. When the students will search for important questions according to their class and particular subject, they will get a list of all websites. Students must download the important questions from a relevant website. They should read the reviews and find out about the authenticity of the website before downloading the questions because many fake websites are also coming up.

How to find NCERT important questions for all subjects?

Students often feel it difficult to find NCERT important questions for all subjects. They search the internet but fail to find the right website. A few tips are given here that can help students in finding the right website from where they can download the important questions for all subjects.

Students can consult with their teachers. School teachers can guide students from where they can find the right study material on the internet. Teachers have good knowledge about the different sources from which students can prepare for their exams. Thus, students can consult with their school teachers for finding the NCERT important questions for all subjects.

Another way of finding the important questions is to discuss them with friends. Students can also discuss with friends where to find the important questions. Some students who have already downloaded the important questions can guide other students to find the important questions.

Students can also ask their seniors who have already passed on to the next class. Senior students can guide the junior students in finding the right study material from the internet. Based on their experience, senior students can give hints to their juniors and tell them where to find important questions for all subjects.

How can students benefit from NCERT important questions?

Students can get extreme help from important questions. Important questions not only help in clearing doubts of the students but also help them to prepare effectively for the exams. The most important benefits of important questions are:

Students do not have to leave their homes to understand the important topics because they can understand the main concepts from the important questions given online. Important questions are prepared based on the latest exam pattern; therefore students can get an idea about the exam pattern.

Students can make their exam schedules based on the important questions. They can get an idea of which are the important topics that are necessary to be covered for the exams. They can put more stress on the important topics for exam preparation. This can also help in saving their time.

Students can understand the distribution of marks for each subject because important questions are prepared according to the marks distribution in the final exams. Students can make a study plan accordingly. They can focus more on the long questions and answers which carry more marks rather than on the very short questions as they are easy to answer.

Students can find a large number of questions with their solutions on the internet. Students can practice all important questions for a proper understanding of the subject. This can help them to strengthen their base in important subjects such as science and math. Students need to make a strong base in these two subjects if they want to choose science subjects in higher classes. A strong foundation in science and math will also help them to achieve a higher rank in competitive exams.

Important questions are not only meant for the regular school exams but they also help students of higher classes to prepare for the competitive exams. Minor details are given in the important questions that are important for understanding the difficult concepts. Therefore, students of higher classes should practice all-important questions for their final exams and competitive exams.

Where to find NCERT important questions?

Students can find important questions online on different websites. Educational websites offer free downloading of important questions for the students of all classes. But, students should be very careful in selecting the website from where they want to download the important questions. Some fake websites offer wrong information to the students which can mislead them.

Students should search about the authenticity of the website and the company offering important questions before downloading the questions. This will help them to make sure that they have chosen the right path for achieving their aim.

Educational websites having a high ranking on Google can be useful for downloading important questions. Students can also find important questions from textbooks. All questions asked in the textbooks are also important from the exam’s point of view. Therefore, students should practice all questions that are asked in the textbook.

There is no need to consult any extra books for important questions because studying from the important questions given online is enough for the students to understand the concepts and score high marks in exams.


NCERT important questions are available online on many educational websites. Students can download important questions for all subjects in PDF format for future use. Students can refer to important questions even if they do not have an internet connection. They have to download the important questions once and can refer to them anytime. Important questions serve as the most important tool for the students during exams because they can do a quick revision of the important questions.

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