When Pepe kicked an opposing player on the floor

Pepe is a well known defender who from time to time loses his head and starts playing very violently. Currently, a popular betting site Pakistan is 1xBet, and from there, fans can place wagers on all the matches where he plays.

The Portuguese is well known for his violent outbursts from time to time. However, there was an episode that surpassed all limits. It took place on the 21st of April 2009, during a match between Real Madrid and Getafe. A very popular betting site is 1xBet Pakistan, and from this place, punters can make all their wagers on the entire Spanish La Liga.

An unexplainable occurrence

This match between Real Madrid and Getafe was quite tight. By the 86th minute of the match, the result was 2-2, and it seemed quite likely that it would end like that. Whenever these two teams face each other, you can visit the to place live wagers on them.

However, nearing the 90th minute mark, while Real Madrid desperately was trying to score again, something unexplainable happened. Pepe pushed Getafe defender Javi Casquero. Yet, instead of leaving things there, the Portuguese kicked Casquero on his back not once but twice. But that’s not all, because another Getafe player approached to confront Pepe. The Real Madrid player punched him on his face.

By that moment, the referee had arrived on the scene and showed Pepe a straight red card. However, before leaving the field, he still had some unfinished business. He kicked Casquero again on the floor, while telling him a few words.

Also, while leaving the field, the Portuguese went to the fourth official and told him some very “unfriendly” words.

Pepe was suspended for ten matches in total after his outburst. Later, in a press conference, he claimed that he didn’t recognize himself, and couldn’t explain what really happened. He also apologized to Casquero and the other Getafe players. Whenever Real Madrid plays, some great live bets can be made on them at the 1xBet platform.

Winning at the very last moment

The match ended with Real Madrid winning 3-2. Understanding how to download 1xBet iOS is very simple, and from there, fans can make wagers on all matches of this squad. The goals were scored by:

  • Roberto Soldado;
  • Guti;
  • Gavilán;
  • Gonzalo Higuaín;

After Pepe’s outburst, Real Madrid was still determined to try to find that winning goal. That’s exactly what Argentinian striker Gonzalo Higuaín did in the 93rd minute. Despite being down to 10 men, Real Madrid achieved an incredible victory. The process for how to download the 1xBet app for iOS systems is very simple, and it allows its users to wager from iPhone and iPad gadgets.

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