When it Comes to Fashion Photography, No Two Photos Are Alike


Fashion product photography evolved over good two hundred years. Back in the days of early western world when people used to ride horses, Pony Express would carry people around in their stage coaches and deliver mails, fashion photography existed back then, in fact, since the inception of camera, fashion photography started to make its debut. Now after good couple of hundred years, fashion photography is still here but in a different way. Gone are the days of early camera and early photography. Now we see bud full of crew members flying to the private airport to catch a flight to Bahamas. Why, for a fashion product photoshoot? Do you need a bus full of people or private jet full of people for a fasion photoshoot? Yes, if you are playing in the big water and if you have the money. For others who cannot roll that high, ghost mannequin photography is the best alternative.

How Does Clipping Path Fit in to the Equation?

You hired a professional team to get the fashion product photographer. If that’s how you want to publish it in the eCommerce shop and fashion models are part of your marketing agenda, then by all means you use the images of the models to promote your products. They work well and no one can deny that. However, you still need clipping path service providers to clip the images out of the background and make them publish worthy. Unless you are shooting swimsuit images and the background is the key to your overall marketing plan.

In certain situations, you will need the background for your fashion model images. Why in the world you would go all the way to Bahamas or Bora Bora for fashion shoot unless you need the ocean background for the swimsuits? In situations where background is not a part of overall product promotion plan, you need to get the background removed. This is where a clipping path service provider comes in to play. They professionally remove the image background and make the images suitable for commercial purposes. Now that you had your images edited by professionals, you can hand them over to your publishing team for publication.

The Truth About Ghost Mannequin Photography

Now time to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So, what is the truth. What is this ghost mannequin photography anyways? Do you really need ghost mannequin photography for your fashion items?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you either are not involved in fashion product sale and marketing or in the wrong business. The truth is, more and more clothing business owners are using this service and this type of photography. If you are not on board yet, it’s time to jump in.

This type of photography has few different stages. But the most important stage where the photography takes shape of a ghost looking mannequin is done by a clipping path service provider. This clipping path service provider edits the image in such a creative and effective way that the edits give the initial photography a new look. Just Google the term ghost mannequin photography and you will find out if images of it which will show you how the actual photography and edited ghost look looks like.

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