When does an addict need rehab?


The addiction rate is at an all-time high in the country and more people are getting addicted to substance abuse nowadays than ever before. A study found that about 22 million people are addicted to abusing illicit drugs or prescription medicine. The study found that many people also tried a drug at least once in their life. These are quite shocking statistics. The sudden increase in the number of addicts can be very detrimental to the country as addiction is already costing the nation an estimated 550 billion every year. The best way to decrease the number of addicts is to raise awareness about the danger of addiction so that no new addicts are added to the already colossal tally. The second step should be to make the idea of rehab more common and by doing this we can start to make a real difference since today only one out of ten addicts is accepting and undergoing rehab treatment.

So, we need to understand how to pick up on addiction by observing the habits and actions of the people around us. If you are careful and pay attention, you do not need a bag full of drugs to prove that a person is suffering from drug addiction.

One of the biggest things that can give away addiction is the amount of money a person spends. Although there are many different possibilities when it comes to how a person spends their money. However, this sign is the easiest to pick up on. Drugs are expensive and even if a person has a sizable amount of disposable income the sheer addictiveness of modern drugs can force them to spend it entirely. The next comes petty thievery, stealing savings, or small valuable items which can be easily sold. These are often the ways an addict raises money for drugs. They can also ask for loans from friends and family but will oftentimes never give a clear reason as to why they need the money.

Another big sign is the change in the behavior of the addict. Addiction can change the way an addict thinks and acts. This means that they often have started changes in opinions and views on different topics. They also lose interest in their work, even if it previously meant the world to them. Addicts can also become very lazy and often try to stay away from their jobs and household tasks. Their laziness can also cause them to not care about personal hygiene or the state of their room etc.

Addicts often try to hide their addiction either due to shame or in the fear that someone will take away their drugs. So, they often shut others out of their personal life. They are often adamant that their belongings be left alone even by people with whom they were very close.

We need to be perceptive of the people around us so that we can deduce if they are suffering from drug addiction. This can make the difference between a life of happiness and joy and a life full of grief and loneliness with an equally heart-wrenching and lonely end. So, if you believe that your loved one is struggling from addiction or maybe you yourself have picked up some sign of addiction in your daily behavior, it is the time to act. Try to stage an intervention with the help of a rehab center, which often has specialists for such an occasion. Look for information and local rehab options online i.e., Drug Rehab Birmingham Alabama. Help your loved one to a rehab center so that they can live the best life possible.

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