WhatsApp API is now in India


WhatsApp is a voice-over-IP and instant messaging service owned by Meta platforms. According to an article, more than 2 billion users utilize this platform. It is so popular that even iPhone users are using this application.

At present, many small and medium businesses are using WhatsApp to grow in India. With the new API feature, businesses can easily connect with their customers and sell their products. WhatsApp API India is turning out to be a huge success for many businesses. In case you are new to this feature, you can read further to learn more about WhatsApp API.

What is WhatsApp API?

API stands for Application Program Interface. As mentioned earlier, businesses can communicate with customers via unlimited messages on WhatsApp. Meta launched this service in August 2018 for small and medium-sized businesses to meet their needs and requirements. What’s more, it fills the gap between the business and customers.

What happens when you choose the WhatsApp API services?

Before you begin, you must choose custom messaging software or a solution provider. Then, you will have to create a business account and let your customers know about that account. But what happens when you choose this service? Get to know about it below.

  1. Business profile: As soon as you sign in to your WhatsApp API account, you will be listed as a business account with your business contact number. You can interact with customers about the products and services attainable.
  2. Understand the needs of the customers: When it comes to business, it is always crucial to understand the needs and requirements of the customers. With this great messaging tool, you can begin marketing your products and gain information on the customer’s needs and wants. You can attain this information by data collection and automated answering.
  3. Reasonable price: Businesses can connect with customers at a reasonable price. That’s because the minimum charge is less than a dollar. At first, you will be able to send free messages until a certain limit where you will be charged.
  4. Data privacy and end-to-end encryption: With the help of a new contact channel, you can ensure that the data of the customers will be protected.

Best practices of WhatsApp API

You must keep some things in mind while practicing WhatsApp API. If you read further, you can learn about it.

  1. Be prepared for different responses: Some users can reply to lists with keywords while messaging. In addition to this, there are chances of using synonyms, emojis, sentences, and slang in their response. You can build a flow of conversation if you are well-aware of that. With the help of chatbots, it is easy to receive audio messages with WhatsApp API in India.
  2. Be creative with your copy: Although users know that they are interacting with a chatbot, it is your responsibility not to make them realize that. You can discuss with your creative team and design the copy by integrating bolding, emojis, proper spacing, ASCII art, etc. In this manner, you can keep your customers engaged and reduce any drop-off rates. Plus, your support requests can be resolved instantly at the chatbot level.
  3. Personalize the messages as much as possible: You can segment the customers and personalize the messages accordingly when you attain access to demographic data. For instance, when it comes to North Indian users, you can greet “Namaste” or just message “Hello Raviji” in response.

For young audiences residing in metros, you can type “How’s it going?” You can make your system a lot smarter with personalization and understand the causes of contact. For instance, a customer places an order and might want to learn about that particular order. So, you can send a relevant query to confirm the order before moving forward with the conversation.

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