What’s An Adjustable Mattress And Do You Need One?


There are best adjustable mattress options for almost every type of person and taste. As adjustable mattresses become more popular, you might wonder what an adjustable mattress is or how it can improve your sleep. Sometimes, though, it can feel like you are hearing sales pitches. We can help.

It’s Not Just The Mattress. It’s Also The Frame.

First, it is important to understand what an adjustable mattress is. Although adjustable mattresses may be able to adjust their firmness or softness individually, it isn’t what they refer to. A mattress with an adjustable frame can be called an adjustable mattress. This frame comes with multiple hinges which allows you to adjust your bed’s incline.

Common adjustments include raising the head of your bed slightly to elevate your upper body or elevating your feet. Many adjustable bed bases allow for modifications that conform to the body’s natural angles like bending at or below the knees.

Adjustable Mattresses To Address Health Issues

Hospitals and other healthcare settings use adjustable beds for medical reasons. In recent decades, however, personal consumer use has increased dramatically for adjustable beds. Individuals may have fewer health concerns if a bed can be adjusted to their individual needs.

A slightly inclined mattress could provide relief for arthritis patients with stiffness in their joints and necks. A bed that is adjustable can help prevent bedsores from occurring at greater rates for those who are less mobile. These are the best mattress type for back pain.

Healthcare Workers Can Use Adjustable Mattresses

Patients and healthcare workers alike can benefit from adjustable beds. Nurses and therapists, often need to lift or move patients, administer medication, or help in other ways. An adjustable bed gives the nurse/therapist the ability to work at a lower level, reducing the risk of back strain or injury. Patients can also use adjustable mattresses to lift themselves from the bed. This can help alleviate feelings of dependence or helplessness as well as loss of personal skills in many areas.

Adjustable Mattresses: Comfort And Lifestyle

Also, an adjustable bed can be made solely based on your individual comfort level. Many people prefer reading in bed and watching television before sleeping. An adjustable bed offers more support and comfort for such activities. Pillows can strain your neck and cause you to feel too squashed after a while. This could lead to you constantly changing or plumping up pillows. Another benefit? A mattress that is adjustable can be used to help with snoring. This will allow you and your partner to rest more peacefully.

Is An Adjustable Mattress Right For You?

Adjustable mattresses offer numerous benefits. In the end, only you can decide if adjustable mattresses are right for you. You must consider your lifestyle, comfort preferences, and health as well as the needs of people around you. It could be the right choice for you. With an easy switch to an adjustable bed, you can get better sleep.

Adjustable bases can be used for many types of mattresses. You don’t have the worry that a mattress your love will be incompatible with if you buy an adjustable bed frame. You may want to look at other options if your bed is shared with someone you don’t like or have different preferences. There are several options to consider when you switch to an adjustable foundation.

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