What You Should Know About Bed Bugs & How To Fight Them Off


When you were a kid, you probably heard your parents and the rest of grownups telling you to sleep tight and to not let the bed bugs bite. You might have thought those creepy crawlies were some form of fictional monsters like the Boogie Man only to grow up telling your very own children the same reminder. 

But what are bed bugs and what do they really look like? Are they like ladybugs or beetles? Actually, they’re a lot smaller, and once they enter your home, they’re difficult to get rid of. 

These bed bugs are parasitic insects that like to hide in dark, warm areas like the mattress and bedding. Brown-colored and not over a quarter inch in length, they’re hard to spot through the naked eye. 

Mostly active at nighttime, these pests can survive from six months to a year. They could even be found hiding between cracks of your floorboards, so it’s not just the termites you have to worry about eating away your wood floors. So, don’t neglect those gorgeous engineered flooring Mississauga homes are known for, though bed bugs on the wood floors are easier to get rid of than those in other areas of your home. 

So, how do you drive these bugs out of your home?

1. See The Signs.

How do you do it? As mentioned above, they’re small and worse, they can be sneaky, making it hard for you to catch them before their presence becomes out of control. Here’s information that can help you:

Stains – Bed bugs leave rusty or reddish stains on the sheets or the mattresses. These are crushed bed bugs. There will also be dark spots that are their feces.

Bites – Before you brush aside those bite marks as from mosquitoes or even a common rash, those can come from bed bugs instead. You may also notice that the bites from bed bugs cause a sensation that’s intensely itchy.   

2. Know The Causes Of Bed Bugs’ Presence In Your Home.

While some say that a messy home can attract bed bugs, that isn’t the case, as clean homes even face this kind of problem. What you should look into is the furniture brought into your home or even the people with bed bug infested belongings entering your property, as these are often the carriers of these unnoticeable pests. 

3. Clean The Often Neglected Areas Of Your Home 

You may be surprised that even smoke monitors, hollow doors, vents and ductwork could be hiding places for bed bugs, if those are close to their prey – you and your pets. As stated above, they’re mostly active at night, this is due to the fact that these pests like dark places and at day, they’d naturally be hiding in the dark. You can turn on the air conditioner or the heater, but this won’t stop these bugs. Speaking of heater, you may find the need to get them fixed. There are Winnipeg furnace repair specialists you can tap. It’s highly important that these devices be in their best condition, as they could result in more problems if neglected. 

  • Know What Attracts Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs thrive where there are people, pets and carbon dioxide, and the usual hiding spot for these bugs aside from the bed are areas that are warm as well as foot traffic. Don’t ignore those small hiding spots in your home as well, such as cushioned furniture, drawers, wallpaper, curtains and even electrical outlets and appliances. 

4. Let Professionals Do It For You.

The best way to drive these creatures out of your home is through bed bugs control services. These professionals will know where to find these creepy crawlies as well as their eggs. They also know how to eradicate these pests without causing harm to you. 

These are just some of the things you have to know about bed bugs. The best way to fight them off would always be to consult a professional. Still, may these bits of information be able to help you out in getting rid of these pesky pests from your home.

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