What To Use Concept Writing For


Concept mapping is a unique web diagram to explore knowledge and gather and share data. Concept mapping can assist you to show the existents and new relations; they help you in processing information, stocking or acquiring data and deciphering issues. A concept map has ties and nodes that contain a notion, commodity, hypothesis or query. The links are tagged, and they convey orientations with an arrow symbol. The places where concept mapping is used include;

  • Looking for ways of discovering words, validities and notions about a particular topic.
  • Overseeing data into essential classifications.
  • Synthesizing and incorporating data, notions and ideas.
  • Try to understand the big picture and glimpsing relations among concepts, and understanding the topic creatively.
  • Looking for illustrations effectively.
  • We are procuring a wealth of data at a glimpse.
  • I am formulating an awareness of a body of proficiency.
  • I am coming up with modern connections between already known proficiency.
  • We are examining new queries and explanations.
  • It works as an assistant for unravelling issues.

Steps for learning factual and Conceptual knowledge

  • Acquaint a similar concept to all your students, or you can ask your students to begin from the conceptual understanding they know about.
  • Have your students write down the other ten notions associated with the main idea.
  • Tell your students to rank the ten notions from most comprehensive and inclusive to the trivial known and inclusive or from the most crucial to the least important.
  • Clarify to your learners that you want them to connect notions from their list, one pair at a time with directional links, and they also need to label the links they are using. It would help if they continued this procedure until the notions emerged on the map.
  • Give your learners enough time to develop conceptual knowledge and motivate them to add various branching and numerous categories of configuration.
  • Enable imaginativeness.

How To Write Great Concepts

  1. Begin with killer ideas.

When you have any form of an idea, you need to put some things into consideration, and they include;

  • A plainly expressed, overwhelming understanding.
  • The truth about your customer’ life.
  • A state of being that’s true from your consumers.

Different ideas allow you to understand why your consumer requires a specified product. It is also defined as the issue to be resolved; though the definition may be narrow, this should not be an issue for you and your business. It should only assist you in knowing what products to offer your clients for them to be coming back for more each time.

  1. Search for services that impel

As a business owner, you need to motivate your clients by promising them a fantastic product that will boost your clients to purchase products from your business only. Concept writing also allows you to be ahead of other companies.


Writing a concept is very important for your clients and your business at large because it assists you in identifying issues that are facing your client, and it allows you to know what your client wants, and all you need to do is deliver the products to them.

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